Birth stories – Everything happened so fast

Carrin Burkimsher gave birth on the 15th of May this year and shares her birth story here.

Carrin says she was actually in labour and didn’t even know it. She had to have a ceasarian but when the doctor took ou her baby, he discovered she was in fact already in labour.  “On the scheduled date – 15 May – I woke up at 3:30 to take a shower. I actually thought I couldn’t believe I had slept so well. My husband and I got ready and left for the hospital while it was still dark. I had no idea I was in labour.”

Happiest day of life
“We arrived at Sandton Medi-Clinic just after 5:00am. After checking in,  we proceeded to our ward. Everything happened surprisingly quickly from there. Before I knew it, it was as 7am. The nurses came to wheel me away. I started crying uncontrollably. The nurse kept saying: ‘This is the happiest day of your life! Why are you crying?’ When we got to theatre, the anesthetist took me to the waiting area, my husband had disappeared and I began to panic. Thankfully he reappeared in his scrubs. Once in theatre, I was still crying, the doctor had to hold my hand. The anesthetist did his thing. Not only did I calm down, I started giggling when the doctor was about to cut!”
Was meant to be his birth day 
“The doctor cut me open and discovered I was in fact, in labour. I had no idea. My baby was already engaged. It was meant to be his birthday! The next thing, someone said to my husband: ‘Get your camera ready Brad!’ I looked at him and he was just standing there with tears in his eyes. The assistant pushed me upright as the doctor pulled out my baby. I gasped at the sight. It was surreal. I could not take my eyes off him and my husband. They put me back together and wheeled me to recovery where the doctor put this brand new little child on my chest. Latched him and left. It was the craziest and most amazing thing all at once.
Back at the ward, my husband and I looked at each other and looked at the baby with astonishment. We did this. Our hearts were fuller than full.”
Felt great
“Later that day the physiotherapist came around and with much difficulty, got me to walk to the bathroom. I’m so glad she did because the next day I was feeling fabulous and completely mobile. The nurses at the hospital were nothing short of amazing. The entire experience was a thousand times better than I ever anticipated. I don’t know why I was so anxious.”
“Our precious Thomas Grant is three weeks old today. We absolutely love having him around…” – as told to on 6 June, 2017.

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