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file Anyone got pregnant on Clomid??

4 years 11 months ago #259021 by AnzelMama12
Hi girls

Hoping there's still someone out there that can shed some light. Have any of our beautiful pregnant mommies become pregnant on Clomid/Clomihexal/Fertomid?

What symptoms did you experience after ovulation? Was it due to the medication? Or was it real pregnancy symptoms?

I am on 4DPO after my second round of 100mg Fertomid and after my first ovulation EVER! Hurt like hell, I must add. And I'm experiencing some weird symptoms - Symptoms I've never had before in my TWW. They are:

1) Funny taste in mouth
2) Extreme fatigue - Yawning till my eyes water right through the day
3) Water CM and feeling WET down there the whole time :tmi:
4) Tender and swollen boobies - they spill out of my bra
5) Sensitive nips - Even if my shirt touches it.
6) Need to wee a lot... :tmi:
7) Increase BBT four days in a row
8) Dull aching/throbbing feeling in tummy - As if I swallowed a rock!
9) Twinges and cramping in uterus
10) Lower back ache.
11) Lethargy and lack of concentration/focus
12) Dizziness and faintness - Whole rooms turns.
13) Headaches - The whole freaking time
14) Some heartburn/reflux, flatulence :tmi:
15) Not hungry, but craving certain foods
16) A combination of diarrhea and constipation :tmi:
17) Feeling cold the whole time

This might be just because of Fertomid, but it's strange. Any inputs??

What symptoms did you have?

DH = 31, Low sperm count (15+ mill/ml and morphology (2 > 3%). Me = 28, with regular cycles, and period of 1 to 2 days. Overweight.

July 2014 to March 2016 - *Unsuccessful*
April 2016 - Fertomid 100mg BFP on 17/04/16!!! - Miscarried and D&C on 13/05/2016
May 2016 - Back on the TTC Wagon!

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4 years 11 months ago #259048 by cynthia77
all your symptoms point to a BFP.......................had most of them last time.

Fingers crossed and loads and loads of baby dust.

Me : 37 - Diagnosed with PCOS and anovulation
DH : 38 - all in order

3 boys aged 17,9 and 8
Desperately trying for baby number 4 since May 2014.

November 2014 - Primolut N and Fertomid 100mg - BFP!!!!
January 2015 - Missed miscarriage at 11 weeks and 5days.
February 2015 - Took a much needed break
March 2015 - Back on the TTC train with Inofolic and Fertomid 100mg
April 2015 - BFP confirmed with blood tests at 7 weeks 2 days

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4 years 11 months ago #259057 by Meags
I didn't get pregnant while on clomid and never had any symptoms.
But symptoms that seemed common amongst friends who took clomid were the heavy lower abdominal feeling, pee'ing lots, fatigue, sensitive boobs, twinges, backache, constipation.
And many people say early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to PMS.

I do hope this is your BFP though!!

Professional Nurse and Midwife
Live in Paris, France
Drug free, natural birth

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4 years 11 months ago #259061 by Tinktinkie
Hi Anzelmama,

Oh, how I realate to you. It is such an emotional time while on any fertility treatments. We all read into any and every little 'different' feeling that we think we are experiencing... But after a number of failed cycles I realised that I needed to be more informed and realistic about what is going on in my body. If you say that you ovulated for the first time ever, your body will obviously feel very different now than during previous cycles, so celebrate the fact that you DID ovulate and that you are one step closer to having the bundle of joy and more answers.
After ovulation, fertilazation only takes place a day or two after and if that was successful it takes another 3-5 days for the egg to travel down the fallopian tubes and into the uterus. Only then does implantation take place and upto this point no HCG has been released by your body (the pregnancy hormone). So by 4dpo it is unlikely that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms but maybe more hormonal changes after ovulation took place. Obviously I hope that you do soon start experiencing all the wanted symptoms! I fell pregnant via IVF last year, and are now at 26 weeks, and I did not have any of the symptoms that I was looking for for months and months... I stil dont have the normal symptoms that everyone else are experiencing at this stage... So relax, celebrate all the small achievements along the way, like ovulating. And while saying that, I know that we all drive ourselves nuts with overthinking ;)
Hoping for good news with you in a few days time, good luck with the wait!!

Me: 30 lean pcos
DH: 33 male factor
Married 7yrs

Ttc since Oct 2011

DH had varicocelectomy Sept 13
Jan - May 14 - Femara =BFN
March 14 - Move to FS
May 14 - Hysteroscopy
June 14 - IUI 5mg Femara = Canceled
July 14 - IUI 5mg Femara, menopur and ovitrelle = BFN
Aug -Sept 14 - IVF with IMSI and ICSI - Hyperstimulated - no transfer.
6 frozen blastocysts
30 Oct 14 transfer 1 5BA blastocyst
6 Nov - 1st Beta 55
8 Nov -2nd beta 130!
We are so thankful

Daughter born at 33 weeks

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4 years 11 months ago #259118 by DieSwartKat
Hi AnzelMama,

Both my babies were conceived after fertomid treatment. The first one, in 2011, was only on fertomid, 50mg. I don't remember any funny symptoms but maybe it's too far back.

Late last year, I was on a combination of fertomid/femara/estrofem. The first month my ovulation was very painful, like you've described. My ovaries were actually overstimulated, and that's why it was intensely painful (BFN that month). My dosage was then decreased from 50mg to 25mg, and I was pregnant after the 2nd cycle :)

Of all the symptoms you mentioned I only had the painful ovulation (which was the fertomid and not pregnancy). I've had none of the other simptoms during very early pregnancy, or as a result of the fertomid. My dosage was much lower than yours, so it's not really a great comparison.

I do hope that it means a BFP for you :woohoo:

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4 years 10 months ago #260277 by BabyblueZ
Clomid overstimulated my ovaries and caused an early miscarriage. We then conceived on one round of Fertomid.

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