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file Anyone else trying for a 2014 baby?

9 years 7 months ago #233012 by Carmen-capi33
Gloeiwurmpie - well done at taking the plunge with trying for no2.
This is my 3rd cycle of trying for no2 and already so different to no1.

Good luck, hope you get you Spring baby boy!

Cape Town
Mishka born 11- 02- 2011
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File Attachment:

Nov 12 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest - home plan BFN
Dec 12 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest IUI BFN
Jan 13 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest IUI

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9 years 7 months ago #233007 by gloeiwurmpie
Okay, my new years resolution is to be really brave and try for baby number 2!!
With my first time TTC about 4 years ago I was terrified of the unknown and now I am terrified of WHAT I KNOW!! Ha ha ha ha! :laugh:

I tried to pinpoint my ovulation with testing kits but after the 4th test being negative I decided to just let it be...We wanted to try for a boy, therefore trying to BD as close as possible to ovulation, but alas, I am not sure when that is. I started reading up on all the other metods to help determine ovulation, I feel like such a newbie!

Now for the two week wait.... :side:

Anyone else??

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