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My son also had grommets and adenoids done just before his first birthday. But the ENT said he was too young to have his tonsils out (though she seemed to really want them out). We went for a few follow ups after that and each time she asked how old he was, sounding like she wanted them out. She kept saying he was too young. I think I sort of assumed they wouldn't do them before 3 years, but maybe 2 is the youngest since yours is only just over 2?

Have you tried giving her Tonzolyt? It's a homeopathic pill that they suck a few times a day. The ENT recommended it for my son since he was too young to have his tonsils out. Every time she said they looked totally awful and she seemed desperate to remove them (I was not keen so was kind of glad he was too young). By the time we went for his final check up, he'd been taking the tonzolyt for about 3 months (and then had actually been off it about 3 months) and she said his tonsils looked perfect!

Having grommets put in and adenoids removed definitely made a big difference to his levels of illness, but, like Hasie said, I would be very hesitant to remove the tonsils so young. They are the first mode of defense in the immune system, and actually play a very important role. Yes, they often get inflamed etc when kids are ill, but it's usually because they're working so hard at fighting the bugs, they're not the reason for the illness, their inflammation is a result of the illness.

As for what to expect - I think Zaza has listed it all very well.

Good luck, it's not an easy decision to make as a parent. xx

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7 years 1 week ago #262656 by Hasie.
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There is a lot of natural practitioners who can assist with tonsils so that you do not have to remove them but rather fix the reason for them getting infected.

Try Solutions4Heatlh, they are on facebook and have great success with tonsil problems in kids.

Tonsils have a function, cutting them out can cause other problems later in life.

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Antenatal educator (Hypnobirthing practitioner)

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7 years 1 week ago #262650 by Zaza2011
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Hi Nadia

My daughter now 3 had a her grommet and adenoids done twice but not the tonsils, at 13 months and 2 years from what I recall:

- they ask all the parents to come in at 7-8 am
- they normally start around 10am where they wheel all the kids with the parents to outside the theatre
- the anaethesist comes to talk to all the parents to confirm age, time of last meal and drink
- one parent gets to go in with the child until they administer the anaesthetic, then you are asked to leave, this is very scary, I cried both times and I could not go in I sent hubby I just would not be able to see my child being knocked out with the gas mask, so maybe have hubby or someone with you for support cause its very emotional when they so young more for us than them I think
- they usually do all the babies first then move to toddlers and older kids in that order
- even the tonsil kids procedure took like 15 mins, in this time the parents can wait in the ward
- they cry a lot on their way back to the ward more from being groggy and disorientated but they have been given pain meds before they come to the ward
- we got to be with my daughter both times as soon as she was done, they checked her vitals, waited for anaethetic to wear off, they give them some calpol and we get to carry them
- within 15 mins some water and if it stays down, they get custard or yogurt my daughter drank her milk
- you hang around for like a hour or so before they will discharge baby and you get to go home for them to relax and recover, no special med's or anything too specific needed thereafter
- by the time you home you little one will probably be running around as if nothing happened, I promise you I was shocked both times how quick they feel relief and go one like nothing happened.

It's very emotionally draining for the mum though, just to see your little one in theatre and after they are brought back, may be some blood stains, little spots near the nose, etc but they recover so well and move on so well. Just have someone with you for support, you will need it but your baby will be fine and soon they won't be getting sick so often.

All the best, I hope this helps you some how.

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7 years 1 week ago #262571 by nadiameiring
Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well. I need some advice, my DD is 2yrs 4months and having her tonsils and adenoids removed on the 2nd July, i am really worried and feeling so guilty for putting her through all of this as shes been through alot already and she is always sick. So i want to know if any of you have been through this and what can i expect?


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