file I really can't handle the tantrums anymore -HELP

10 years 5 months ago #220960 by abigail0309
My daughter is now 2 years 6 months old. The last two weeks she's really been acting up and is very unreasonable all the time. She goes to creche full day and is the perfect little angel at school and listens to her teachers. But the moment we get home she turns into a little monster! She cries for EVERYTHING, whines about everything and does not listen to me at all. If I ask her to bath, she refuses, If I ask her to get dress, she refuses. I have to lick her bum golden before I get some response from her, sometimes I just end up leaving her untill she decides to do whatever I asked her in the first place. She still has a night bottle and refuses to drink from any other bottle but the "flower" bottle. But then when I hand her the flower bottle she says "other one" and starts screaming. It takes about 30 minutes to convince her that it is the flower bottle and eventually she takes the bottle - why could she not just take the flower bottle in the first place when I offered it to her? And that's just one example. Why the need to scream for 30 minutes over something that you asked for and I gave it to you? It's not just her being unreasonable about the bottle, it's almost everything!!!! I really can't deal with this anymore, it's come to a point where I cry myself to sleep because I feel I'm doing something wrong. My BF also tells me I must stop giving into her whims but I'm only trying to calm her down and then we end up fighting. Please help - am I doing something wrong, or is there anything I can do to stop this behavior and make her understand that this is not acceptable. I love my little girl with all my heart but this is getting just to much. PLEASE HELP.

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