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Do you know why your LO is waking? Does she want milk at every wake? Dummy? Or just to know you're there? Does she wake for long periods of time or just a brief wake up that then needs your help to get back to sleep? First step would be to figure out WHY she is waking.

I don't know any sleep trainers, but I have the following 2 suggestions (though I haven't tried either personally, but have heard good things about both):

There is a book called The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley that might be worth getting.

Also read up on Dr Sears website - I remember seeing some gentle weaning methods there. (

I really wish you the best of luck (and a few extra hours of sleep) xx

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Hi Bunnyhugger and StellaK

May i ask where your little ones sleep?

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hallo there Bunnyhugger,

my heart just skipped a beat when reading your post, and all i am thinking is: am i heading in the same direction :unsure:
my lb (now 6 months) was sleeping very well only waking up once a night till 4 weeks ago.
everything went from bad to worse - teething being the first issue.
he was also sick and i started to introduce formula (he only gets 1 bottle of formula a day the rest breastmilk)

for a week now he woke up every hour. last night it was at least every 2 hours.
he has got 2 teeth now. not sick anymore and i am trying a new formula

please tell me some of the things you tried to improve sleeping?

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7 years 7 months ago #252263 by Bunnyhugger
Hello Mommies!

Is there any professional sleep trainer out there that uses gentler methods of sleep coaching? My LO is 9.5 months old and STILL wakes every 2 hours since aged 4 months. We are terribly exhausted and have been in touch with a sleep trainer that uses the Sleep Sense programme by Dana Obleman. It is a gentler form of controlled crying she said but I am not so convinced. She told me that when you start, you go cold turkey on any sleep props but stay with baby while they cry. You then remove yourself over time and check in at regular intervals. I am not so sure I want to go completely cold turkey. My poor baby doesn't understand what is going on and I don't feel it is really fair but I need to do something so all of our sleep can improve. Is there no one that assists in teaching you a gentle weaning technique of slowly getting rid of the pacifier etc. I could probably just go out and buy a book but I have spent the last few months trying absolutely everything and am so confused by all this info that I need someone who can offer me some guidance. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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