Pain full experience with breastfeeding

2 years 8 months ago #280050 by qiaraau
Hi its good to know that you're one of the super moms out there who really wants to breastfeed their babies. And yes, it could be painful. You should always remain healthy and as part of that, you should add probiotics in your daily meal. It contains so many healthy benefits, and also a treatment to constipation and helps fight the bad bacteria. Hoping that you'e doing great now.

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3 years 1 week ago #279347 by Moomie Moderator
Q: I have one more question with regards to breast feeding. My biggest fear is not the labor but breast feeding. My previous experience was very painful and all around not a good experience. Do you have any tips on making this a great bonding experience from the start?

Sister Hettie: I would suggest you see a certified lactation consultant or do a breastfeeding class before the birth. I would also suggest to do skin to skin as soon as possible after birth .The baby go through the nine instinctive stages and then the normally crawl and attach themselves . If it is painful the latch is not right .It might be tender but it sounds to me that there was a problem .Also a good thing you can do is to go to the skin to skin day that Bio Oil and #expectantmothersguide are hosting on the 3rd of March at Killarney mall Its free but you need to rsvp. All about how important skin to skin is for good breastfeeding amidst other things as well. If your nipples are sore pleas ask for a certified lactation consultant to come and see you ask your pead to prescribe it .Its all about the latch.
I would also suggest you start now to bond with her a specific time of the day as a family hand on abdomen tell her how much you love her and what you are going to do with her daddy and sibling should as well.

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