Top 10 family cars for your family Featured

When you have a family of three or five, the car you drive starts to matter. But how do you choose?

Budget is one of the main factors for most people but Moomie have created a list of cool family cars that you can look into when you are in the market for a new car. 

Toyota Fortuner

Why? It’s a 2 in 1 car. Mom can use the Fortuner for shopping while dad can use the Fortuner for 4 x 4 routes.
What is cool: Full separate airconditioning for rear passengers.
How many seats: 7
Cost: from R617 900.00 (new) and second hand from R549 900.00 
(34 592km)
Picture link: Autotoday

BMW x3

Why? It's cool and mom looks great.
What is cool: The premium interior of the car.
Cost: from R595 700 (new), second hand from R470 000, 46 000km.
How many seats: 5
Picture link: Carfind 

Honda Jazz 1.5 Dynamic

Why? It's got "magic seats" which allow for all kinds of seating positions. There's plenty of room, though it's a nifty smallish car.
What is cool: it comes with a 7 inch touchscreen which can mirror your smart phone.
How many seats: 5
Cost: from R 257 300 (new), second hand, from R167 995.00
Picture link: Autotrader

Volkswagen Kombi 2.0 TDI Trendline Manual SWB

Why? There is enough space for the whole family, including grandma and grandpa.
What is cool: totally family car! Can pile in lots of kids for school runs.
Cost: from R459 100, Second hand, 50 000km, from R349 950
How many seats: 8 seats
Picture link: Autotrader


Hyundai Tucson

Why? A roomy boot big enough for all the baby’s accessories to the teenagers extra shoe bag.
What is cool: Premium audio system: Bluetooth, USB, AUX and iPod Connectivity for seamless surround sound experience.
How many seats: 5
Cost: from R499 900.00, second hand, from R349 900.00 (45 689km).
Picture link:


Chevrolet Captiva

Why? ISOFIX is a rigid fixing system designed to automatically lock your child’s car seat without the need to use an adult safety belt. Instead, your child’s car seat will be attached securely and directly to the frame of your car. The ISOFIX is a system that is easier, faster, and much safer for your child.
What is cool: It is also masculine enough for when Dad has to do the school run.
How many seats: 7
Cost: from R366 500 (new), second hand, from R289 990.00 (48 509km).
Picture link: Autotrater


Renault Duster1.5dCi Dynamique 4WD

Why? Overall interior space is more than ample for a compact family SUV.
What is cool: The system combines 7-inches of colour screen realty and offers everything from Bluetooth mobility to built-in mapping and navigation as standard.
How many seats: 5
Cost: from R269 9900.00 (new), second hand, 41 000km (from R219 899.00).
Picture link: Autotrater


Toyota Corolla Quest 1.6

Why? The Corolla Quest is a straightforward budget buy. It’s aimed at those people who are looking for good value and practicality over style and driver enjoyment.
What is cool: front windows are electric; and the central locking button isn’t illuminated like the rest of the driver’s door switchgear (which makes for fumbling in the dark).
How many seats: 5
Cost: from R208 500.00 (new), second hand, from R189 990.00 (43 244km).
Picture link: Autotrater


Ford Kuga

Why? Moms are always in a hurry. The Ford Kuga - it virtually parallel parks itself. Put the car into reverse, take your hands off the wheel and watch it perfectly steer into a reverse park. All you have to do is work the accelerator and brake..
What is cool: The front seats, in particular, are lounge-like and the heated seats are an absolute treat in winter. Nifty touches include sturdy food trays for each passenger, mounted to the back of the front seats. .
How many seats: 5
Cost: from R430 100. 00 (new), Second hand, from R359 995.00, 69 290km
Picture link:


Peugeot 2008

Why? Comfortable and spacious family car.
What is cool: The head up instrument panel provides all the driver information and can be viewed without taking your eyes off the road.
How many seats:
Cost: from R274 900.00, Second Hand, 19 000km, R190 000.00
Picture link: Car Scoops

 *Our pricing suggestions are based on own research and we cannot guarantee that the prices will be the same when you shop for your car. 





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