Ab exercises for pregnancy to keep you in shape. Featured

.This is a list of the best ab exercises for pregnancy to keep you in shape. Read here what to do.

Abdominal exercises keep your stomach tight during pregnancy as well as give you a head start towards regaining your abs after pregnancy

1. Standing crunches
This is done in a standing position with the feet hip-width apart, Draw your belly button into the spine, tuck your pelvis a little and then bring the fingertips to your ears. Crunch forward and press your abdominal muscles. Try this 15-20 at a time.

2. The standing bicycle
Take the same position as the standing crunch. While you crunch forward, gently lift your knee in the direction of your chest and twist to make your left elbow face the right knee. Repeat the same with your right elbow and the left knee.

3. Heel slides
Start by lying on your back while your upper back, head, and neck are propped up atop your heart with your palms on the ground on your sides for support. Bend your knees so as to bring your feet in towards your butt.Extend one leg at a time while keeping the heel atop but close to the ground. Alternate sides.

4. Side-lying knee lifts
Lie on your right side while your right arm is extended overhead and your head resting on the upper arm. Your left palm should be placed in front of your chest to provide support. Assemble your knees and bend both of them about 90 degrees and then bring them forward a bit.
Engage your core to lift one or if you can, both knees up off the ground and then release with control. Repeat this on the opposite side.

5. Prone stretch and tuck
Start while on all fours. Extend the left arm before you and the right leg behind you. Engage your core while you draw the extended knee and elbow in towards your core. Release to full extension and continue. Repeat this on the opposite side.


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