Parents in duel over midwife Featured

Parents are in a duel after an episode on Carte Blanche where parents spoke out against a well-known midwife with her own birth centre in Gauteng. According to rumours, the midwife administered medication to her clients to bring on and speed up labour without their consent.

People have apparently started making allegations of negligence after a number of newborn babies died and three other contracted cerebral palsy in four years.

From last night, mums have expressed their concerns and shared their own experiences on different parenting groups.

Many moms have claimed that they were offered a "rescue remedy" that made labor faster and stronger.

Not just negative

Other moms expressed their support on the midwife's personal Facebook page. Everyone said they had only had good experiences with one or more babies.

FiND iT contacted the midwife for an interview, but she does not want to speak to the media at this stage.

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