C-sections more common than previous years Featured

Caesarean sections have been a last resort for mothers and babies in need for decades. If you had access to this kind of procedure, you could count yourself among the lucky ones of the world.

According to statistics, births by caesarean section almost doubled in 2019.

According to Bhekisisa.org, about 26% of babies born in South African public hospitals are born by caesarean section - this is about one in four babies. That's almost double the number of babies that have been helped into the world two decades before.

Denise Coetzee, spokesperson for Gariep Mediclinic, told Moomie that most women prefer a caesarean section over a normal delivery. “I would guess that it is a combination of personal choice and medical reasons.”

Readers respond

Moomie asked readers what their personal choice is about caesarean section or normal birth.

Most readers preferred a normal birth over a caesarean, but some readers had no choice but to undergo emergency caesareans. There were also readers who preferred a caesarean section.

Amelia Hayman said on Facebook, “I wanted to give normal birth. I lost my first baby at 28 weeks due to high blood pressure and with my second pregnancy everything was fine and at 32 weeks high blood pressure started again, so for me and baby caesar was safer. A C-section is not always the worst.”

Erdna Kruger said on Facebook, “2 x c-sections and loved it! Some ladies prefer normal and breastfeeding, others prefer caesarean and bottle feeding. Both work and everyone's children are equally happy, so does it matter at the end of the day?’

Marionette Limburg said on Facebook, “I had two caesareans for medical reasons, but I cannot complain about it at all. I will do it again if I have to.”

Sandra Clarke said on Facebook, “Was privileged to have normal births with all three children. No anesthesia. Started walking around after 30 minutes, but it does not make anyone better. What is best for baby and Mom's health is what needs to be decided upon.”

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