Start buying for your baby after the baby shower Featured

"Deposit an affordable amount monthly," says Moomie mom, Joy Moraine.

How many kids do you have?  

I have two kids.

Where did you give birth?

I gave birth at a private hospital with my first child. When the second one was born, I went to a government hospital.

Why did you go from private hospital to government hospital?

I didn't have medical aid. Couldn't afford medical aid prior to my pregnancy due to increased cost of living.

What was your experience at the hospital? 

Excellent! Very hygienic facilities, caring and supportive nurses,  provided aftercare recommendations, etc.  Suprisingly though, check-ups at the hospital clinic and hearsay had me nervous on expectations for the birth - totally different in the maternity ward.

Do you have medical aid? 

No, I don’t have medical aid.

How much did your gynecologist visits cost?

More or less R 11,450 for the duration of my pregnancy. R 950 per consultation (I would see my gynae privately and visited the hospital for compulsory check-ups from 25 weeks).

How did you give birth?

I had a c-section with both my kids.

And how much did it cost?

I can’t remember with my first child, but with the second one it was free at the government hospital.

How did you budget for all your (extra) medical expenses?  

With my second pregnancy, I only had to pay for the private gynae. I was working so the fees were accommodated in my budget.

How did you budget for your baby?

Had two baby showers which covered a lot of essentials including nappies for a couple of months. Only had to buy a few things before and in between. No pre-budgeting for monthly baby expenses, this was worked into and accommodated into my monthly food expense budget.

Did you start budgeting before your were pregnant? 

No, I didn’t.

What advice do you have for other moms regarding budgeting for the babies?  

For the essentials: start buying after the baby shower - then you'll know exactly what is still required. It is a good idea to stock up on nappies (include in your budget and buy prior to baby's birth). Open a call deposit account and deposit an affordable amount monthly.  This is especially important since one tends to only get maternity benefits payout on return to work (which in my case was when my child was four months old already).

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