file Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!

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Morning ladies

Feeling so much better this morning B) Think flu is finally on it's way out just in time for the weekend :)

Yoza I am so pleased that Siba's diagnosis has been such a positve one. With all the treatment you're getting him he is going to be an amazing man one day xxx

Mandy wishing the days away and that you get your results soon hun xxx

Ankia glad everything is sounding so good with you. Days getting closer now :)

Julz hope the antibiotics work and give you complete relief now. Really hoping you're 100% very soon. Can't imagine feeling so miserable for so long :(

Ally sorry you're feeling down, all of us experience tough days in our respective professions. Must just pick ourselves up and like Julz says turf the flops & start from scratch. Good luck, hope it all works out better with your next attempt xxx.

Nicole K sounds sweet wanting his granny. Shrey wanted to visit my sister this morning so we're going to take him for a visit this afternoon. Sometimes don't know what brings these things to these kids minds lol.
Hope the weather doesn't get too bad this weekend but we also have rain predicted in Dbn :(

AFM felt awful yesterday with the flu but feeling much better this morning. Had an upset tummy last night but also that feels better this morning. Shrey also starting to sound better. And as the 2 of us are starting to feel better dh felt very sick this morning so he's at home today. Doc booked him off for Monday as well but he thinks he'll be fine by then.
My child was demanding a race car cake this morning so going to try to make him one sometime this weekend. Never used the plastic icing etc before so going to be interesting lol.
Have a great Friday ladies.

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11 years 1 week ago #200767 by julz
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Hi ladies

Mandy my brother and his fiance are handling things well thanks. They eventually refused the blood tests. The scans looked really good. I hope everything turns out really well. I am not sure my brother knows exactly what it takes to look after a down child.

Hope you are okay. How long to go still before your results are given?

Nicole hope you feel better. shame you haven't been well at all lately.

I was flipping lazy at school. Did okay but wish I had had parents who nagged me. They didn't bother.

Ally so sorry that you are feeling so down. YOu must be really overwhelmed right now. I suggest you take things one step at a time. Turf the flops and start over. I know you can do it.

Went out with neil's work colleagues last night. M babysat for us and it was so nice to get out and just laugh a bit. Had a bad night. These new antibiotics are not pleasant at all.

Mom of Dylan and Partner to Joerg. We live in the Beautiful Pringle Bay which is along the Whale coast, Cape.

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11 years 1 week ago - 11 years 1 week ago #200753 by NicoleP
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Hi ladies

Lelani good luck for the bigger and better things happening in your life!!!! Im glad you and M are doing so well, and yes it takes constant work but it is worth it in the end! Like Ally, I also rebelled against my mom who harrassed me about my homework, marks etc. evenutally she just left me and it took a couple of months but i pulled my socks up and studied my a$$ off so i could impress her with a good looking report. At the end of Matric i did relatively well and got a distinction in Business Economics (note what i do for a living now lol). Good luck, it must be difficult and i will definatly be relying on you for some help when K is a teenager. xx

Yoza such cute pics! Thanks for sharing.

Mandy i can imagine that you may be feeling overwhealmed but im sure everything will fall into place! Thinking of you. xx

Ally sorry hun that you are going through a rough time. I know you under pressure with deadlines etc - but maybe you need to take a step back, have a little rest from baking and then reassess the situation. Maybe you just need a little breather. Knowing you in a little while you will be back to yourself cooking oh so delicious stuff!!

Julz sorry about the bad news re: infection again.I really hope that these anti-biotics and cortisone will fix clear everything up. Really cannot be nice.

afm, all is well, shame my boy was missing my mom last night, kept asking where she was and then he chatted to her on the phone saying"come play by me granny" was so sweet. I have a stomach bug - so not cool, i am sooooo nauseous, plus my stomach ulcers are making the situation worse.

Looking forward to the weekend, although it appears that we will have crappy rainy/windy weather again.

Enjoy your friday ladies.

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11 years 1 week ago #200751 by Ally_R
Replied by Ally_R on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
HI ladies.

Yoza, that's wonderful news. I've heard of plenty of people with Asberger's who lead completely normal lives. One guy that I know of just needs to see a therapist once a week (who doesn't? ;) ) and he is doing so well at his company etc. And the change of diet will probably also help a lot!

Lelani, I'm dreading the teenage years because neither me nor my brother were very easy teenagers. If anybody said something not fantastic to me I would freak out and slam my door. And my brother, well that's just a whole different story. I just remember my mom always bugging me to do my homework and I would rebel completely. She then stopped bugging me, not even asking me if I did it and I wanted to get her approval so I would go show her my homework everyday. In std.9 I didn't give a shit about my homework but then in Matric pulled my socks up and got a distinction at the end of the year. Don't stress TOO much about her homework. My brother LITERALLY NEVER did his homework. I'm not over exaggerating, he had NOTHING in his books, but pulled through every year and at the end of matric got a distinction in maths. It's more important for her to focus in class etc.

Oh, and about the party, it was really fab BUT some of those celebs are such a-holes. They think everyone looks at them constantly. I could see the one actress scanning the room constantly to see who's looking at her. It's a bit sad really. And the fact the Dr Rey PHONED them to ask if he could come to the party was just so sad. No-one knows who I am and I didn't even have to do that!

Mandy, good luck with the car sales and finding a place in October. That must be very nerve-wracking.

I'm feeling down (ok, completely depressed) at the moment. I have no idea why. But I can't seem to shake it. I get days when I feel really depressed but I usually shake it off, but I've been feeling like this for 2 days now. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the whole book thing I guess and then yesterday 2 recipes flopped completely. I made pavlovas which were a big disaster and it just reminded me of the 2 batches of brownies that flopped a few weeks before etc. IT feels like I've lost my baking touch and how can I write a cookbook if I can't even get a flippen pavlova right. And everything irritates me at the moment. C in particular... :(

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11 years 1 week ago #200639 by Mandy B
Replied by Mandy B on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
Hello lovelies

YOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZAAAAAAAA - what wonderful feedback. So pleased for you, the school sounds fantastic!! 8 kids is a dream for us other moms!! I WISH!! its exactly what cameron needs! Good luck with the diet changes, can only do the family well!

Ally - you drunken trendiod!! glad you made new friends and had such a blast!

Julz - crazy man, sorry you are getting good and bad news mixed with a bit of antibiotics and cortisone, but hopefully you are still on the uphill road to recovery!

Ankia - sounds like positive news - thinking lots of your last few weeks! William sounds too cute, but you must have a heart attack when you see him naked in this cold weather!

Zee - hope your baba turns.. Think all these kids are picking up RUDE phrases, they like the reaction, but dont seem to know what they are really saying!

Lelani - wow, fantastic that you are moving on to bigger and better things :)

Looks like I am havind delays with selling my car, will only get it next week sometime, but theres no real rush!!I got a better price than the original offer on my renault, so that helps!

Selling of the house is happening a bit too quickly for my piece of mind. its hard to imagine that although I have signed it away, you cant really have a rental lined up for october, as everyone wants tenants for september at the mo, so we have no plan of where to go, but am sure it will all fall into place

still no news about the amnio results.. grrrrrrr,

JULZ - how is your brother and sister in law coping with the low downs result.. have they had a fetal assessment yet?

Nicole, I can so relate about the extra day on monday due to schools being closed!! I have had to hire a babysitter that luckily was available at a cost of R200 for the day = GRRRRRR, I just cant take leave as my assistant needs the time off, and i have taken other days already.

okay gals - gotta dash!

Little Jenna Lucy Biart born by C SEC on 21 Dec at 8.05 weighing 3.18 kilos and 50cm long - my healthy happy girl finally in my arms.

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11 years 1 week ago #200570 by Lelani
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hi there girls

I'm still alive lol
I resigned last week...crazy I know....just as things improve & I start enjoying my job....but could not refuse new offer & now I'm so excited I could scream :woohoo: :woohoo:
weird how people change towads you when you resign....but luckily only 28 days to go ;-)
got major stress about money I owe the company, but lets hope I can get that sorted!!!
other then that...all going well.
Me & m have had a very July marriage wise & their has been alot of changes, so hope both of us will work this hard everyday & just maby we can be a happy lil family again ;-)
Luckily both of us now realise that we need help & that we HAVE to work through all our shit!!!
Thank you so much Julz & Simone for the support you girls have given me, means the world to me xxx

Kids are driving me up the wall, but that's motherhood I suppose
Zian is a real lil brat sometimes & bloody cheeky :-(
Chanel is like ct weather.....the one moment she is all happy & doing her school work & the next it's all down hill again grrrrr suppose that's being a girl with hormones developing, but her school work really worries me :-(
hopefully with some help we can get things sorted!!!

gonna try replies....

Simone, cant wait to go buy blue things for the cutest lil boy in pe!!!!!
I'm convinced youre son is gonna be such a looker & such a cool lil guy B)

Mandy, goodluck & lots of hugs xxx
hope you get results soon!!!

Ally, party sounds super cool!!!! like something we normal girls dream about lol
Goodluck with all the recipes testing.....cant wait for youre book to be published!!! I'll be walking around with youre book, bragging about my famous friend!!!

weightloss going great....everyweek I loose a kg or more, so really happy :-)
even down a jean size :woohoo: :woohoo:

lisha, hope the massage will help, but really hope that you get to a chiro soon xxx cannot be healthy being in so much pain!!!

nicole, you are like a role model mommy!!! doing such nice things with k & spending so much quality time together!!!
i suck seriously in that are allways playing by themselves :blush:

yoza, I'm so glad that things are looking so positive for you guys & that you've got someone to support you through this!!! I'm confident that our lil president will be such a confident & successful guy one day, all thanx to his parents xxx

ct party, count me in!!!
any saturday or sunday from 24 sept is cool with me ;-)
but sundays only in the afternoon xxx

gotta get going...still busy with month end reports....oops

love you all stax!!!!

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11 years 1 week ago #200564 by julz
Replied by julz on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
yoza I am pleased that Siba has not got a more serious case of Autism. i will read all the posts later.

Spent too much time at hospital this morning. Had to have another ct scan. ENT is happy that it is looking better. There is still one are of concern and a few other small pockets of infection so back on antibiotics for 5 days and cortisone pills and then we will see. If no improvement he may have to drain that sinus or send me to neurologist about the headaches. Getting there.

Mom of Dylan and Partner to Joerg. We live in the Beautiful Pringle Bay which is along the Whale coast, Cape.

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