file Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!

10 years 11 months ago #206503 by Lisha
Replied by Lisha on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
Hi ladies

One more day and my baby turns 3 .... feeling a bit of mixed emotions as usual when his birthday crops up.

Helen glad you're feeling better but please don't neglect yourself like that again!

Angie please post pics for us with Cole & the pony too. It must look adorable.

Lelani hey there stranger. So pleased all is going well with the new job and on the home front. Hope you get to pop in more often.

Nicole hope you get your food asap. Shrey did the same thing last week when our gardener came to paint our bathroom & bedroom ceilings. Really makes your day that more difficult.

Julz glad all is sounding so positive with work. How are you feeling?

Amkia thanks for keeping us posted.

AFM we were having a good night, up until the thunder storm started at 3am so Shrey was restless from then till it was time to wake up. He was in a crappy mood all morning and had a huge crying session when dh & I left for work. He was distracted as soon as my mum put the tv on so not too bad.
I'm feeling a bit nervous about baking the cake for Shrey's birthday but keeping fingers crossed that it all works out ... hopefully nobody is expecting professional standards lmao.

Okay ladies that's it from me today ... hope you all have a fab day.

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10 years 11 months ago #206499 by Goggatjies
Good Morning

Simone - I also missed your post
I hope that you are alright

So yes I am still walking around, got 2 more days of work to do and then I am on maternity leave
I am feeling great, I must say, the only thing that is not nice is the heartburn at night, but I can handle that.
I am not tired, like I was with William, I remember the last 2 weeks or so I was dead on my feet.
But we will see what this LO is planning

Have a great day

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10 years 11 months ago #206492 by julz
Replied by julz on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
Hi Girls

Been MIA. My boss is in SA and we have had a few meetings. Very positive indeed.

Lelani glad things are going well with your new company.

Angie that is really funny regarding the pony.

I can't chat long.

Simone I didnt' read the posts before you deleted them. what is the matter???

Nicole feeling better yet?

Helen I actually got annoyed with parents who invited kids to the school even though the kids are there (not in your case) but if they got a formal invite I would send a gift because the parents often went to alot of trouble and arranged jumping castles etc. love the new school that says only a cup cake can be send on the birthday and then at the end of the month all the birthday kids have to take R20 and the whole school has a party on the last friday of the month.

Mom of Dylan and Partner to Joerg. We live in the Beautiful Pringle Bay which is along the Whale coast, Cape.

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10 years 11 months ago #206489 by Angelique_Cole 22/10/2008
Morning everyone

Hi there Lelani...I'm so glad that you are enjoying your new job and that things between you and m are looking up.

Nicole, I'm also sitting at work starving...and will have to dash out to get something quickly.

So ladies, Cole is still walking around with the pony....the poor thing is so dirty already as his is playing very "rough" with it and yesterday het putt his wellington boots on and the poor pony was dragged through the water and mud outside. But he refused to let me wash it last night. Must actually take a picture of him so that I can have something to tease him with at his 21st

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10 years 11 months ago #206453 by NicoleP
Replied by NicoleP on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
Simone i understand why you maybe stressing, but for now try to think positive and the next time you have a appointment with your gyne/GP get them to explain to you in detail about it and what you can expect, but im sure that everything is going to be 100%!! Thinking of you.

Helen shame it seems that you have had a rough time, glad you are feeling slightly better now. WRT birthday at schools, when K initally got invitations i bought presents but then he was getting so many a month that i just could not afford to keep up plus he wasnt even friends with half the kids so no i now dont buy presents unless it is one of his close friends which he only has three of. Some parents send invities and other dont and just have the party at the school so in the end its up to you.

Lelani so good to hear from you, im happy to hear that your new job is going so well, im sure you must be relived to be away from all the nastiness and

It has been so quiet on here for the last few weeks??

afm - we all fine, only got to work late today as the gardener came. K threw a huge tantrum as he did not want to leave home,so this morning has felt like a huge rush, also didnt eat supper last night so i am flipping starving - going to run to spar later. Other than that we are all well.

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10 years 11 months ago #206426 by Lelani
Replied by Lelani on topic Re: Oct/Nov 2008 mommies!
HI there girls.....remember me?? lol

I'm so sorry for being mia for so long, but wow!!! the last few weeks have been uber hectic!!!
Loving the new job!!! Still feels weird being the new one, but luckily everyone is nice & makes me feel very welcome ;-)
Still trying to figure out my boss.....sometimes he seems so impressed with me & other times it feels like his thinking....why the hell did I employ this
Suppose that comes with being the new kid on the block.
the eviroment is so much nicer & it's really cool not having someone from namibia telling you how bad you are all the time.....& also there is way less politics at the new company so that's a huge relief!!!
Still sometimes wonder what's going on at my old job, but that quikly goes away hehehe

Me & m are doing much better, still some scratchy patches, but luckily were comunicating alot better nowadays ;-)

Chanel is becoming a little lady.....way too fast!!!
She doesn't even look like a little girl anymore....& oh so cheeky....

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10 years 11 months ago #206393 by Angelique_Cole 22/10/2008
Helen, I don't know because I think it' strange that people send invites for a kid's party at I'm not too sure it I would send a gift. Because lots of parents usually send cake & party packs etc for the class and do not send invited or expect gifts...that's what I did. But I guess the choice is yours.

Simone, I felt sorry for you because I know from personal experience how the internet can mess with ones mind. I do pray that everything will be just perfect with your little boy..

Phoned the daycare earlier and apparently Cole is still running around with his pony. LOL

Anyway, almost home time to go home.

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