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Hi Jillian,

That sounds almost exactly like me today. It is probably normal but I don't remember having any symptoms this early on with my first but then that was almost three years ago.

I am also due the 5th of April, but will probably have my c-section end of March. So I have joined the March group. You are welcome to join us on that thread if you'd like.

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4 years 10 months ago #277433 by JillianVS
Due April 2018 was created by JillianVS
Hey ladies, 

So im currently 5w2days pregnant. I found out on the 3-08-2017, my EDD (estimated due date) is 6-04-2018.. 

This was a complete shock for me as this time I didn't plan or anything as I have been seeing a doctor regarding my infertility who told me he suspects I have PCOS... After 2 early miscarriages and being off family planning for over 5 years... 

Anyways I dont have children and never had a full term pregnancy either, and with both previous pregnancies never had any symptoms.. 

Ever since finding out thou its like the symptoms are raging out... I am frequently running to the bathroom, constantly feeling wet only to find its a watery like discharge, I get diarrhea in morning, my breasts are completely tender and hurt all around, I get pinching cramps (almost like period cramps which comes and goes) then lastly i got terrible back ache, my entire back aches and last night 4-08-17 I couldnt fall asleep at all due to the pain, tossed and turned all night literally just to try and fall asleep but nothing help.. Eventually my friend came and gave me a back massage which helped abit but then i still woke up like 3 or 4 times with nightmares and woke up now to wee yet again (05:40am)... 

Is this all normal?

And is there anything i can get which is safe during pregnancy for the back ache.. My doctor advised I should get DS24 and i only take those. But i need some way of relief for the back ache. 

Please can someone advise me...

Like i said previously with both my previous pregnancies i didnt have any problems or symptoms so this is all new to me.. 

Thanks in advance ladies..

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