file Oktober & November 2011 Mammas

10 years 3 months ago #220837 by Lindy
:( Shame Tanz I'm so very sorry!

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10 years 3 months ago #220830 by Tanz
Hi all!!

What a crappy week so far! My uncle passed away yesterday morning, and just now my other little sisters bf died in a motorcycle accident! I am so naar and sad! What's going on in my family this year??

Your babies are all beautiful!


Diagnosed with Severe Endo May 2007
Laporoscopy & Historoscopy in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2014
1x Angel baby (Nov 2010)

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10 years 3 months ago #220806 by bulelwam
Hello everyone, am back.

Had such hassles trying to get on to moomie while on maternity I just gave up.
Am back at work....since the 1st.

My Little Lona is about to turn 4 months....sjoe time flies.
She's still on breast milk...strictly...... I use my lunch hours to express, lucky I stay relatively close by.

Just had the loop put in last week and thank goodness, didnt want to have to remember to take contraceptives. Wanted a plug and play device...LOL
Had a bit of bleeding for a few days after insertion but all ok. A bit of pain while being inserted but otherwise, feels like there's nothing there.

Looks like all the babies are growing like they're on fertilizers...LOL
Here's my little Lona, pic taken 26 Feb

I'll come back and read through then do personals later

Otherwise am glad to be back!

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10 years 3 months ago #220797 by Joey
PS i need help with my ticker BOOO

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10 years 3 months ago - 10 years 3 months ago #220796 by Joey
Hi everyone,

sounds like everyone is doing well.

Chanz Lots of baby dust for Baby number 2 Good luck,

We had started Riley on Solids, He seems to love his veg, he has had butternut and sweet potato.
He is sleeping really well at night from 7ish to 6am.
He is getting teeth. you can see the bottom ones just under the gum.
When we took him for his injections last on the 18 of feb he weighed 7.5 and was 69cm long.
I cant believe he will be 5 month on satuday.

We going to have

to start planning there first birthday soon :)

Here are some much need pictures of my little angle

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10 years 3 months ago #220720 by Chanz
Hello Mommies.

Am posting from my phone so will do personals later ;)
Saw our FS it was like speaking to an old high school friend.He was so happy to meet Michael.and he actually made a joke saying r we there for the next one and he was surprised that we ready but so happy.I must admit I have been quite nervous leading up to this appt coz i knew my PCOS was extremely severe when we did IUI for M.So FS did a scan,and there it was this huge perfect follicle with a perfect uterus lining. For once my body did it on its own.As the FS said,we have had one amazing God watching us.Michael has caused an even bigger miracle,NO sign of polycystic ovaries.I never thought that would be possible.
So as the FS put it,if DH does his homework then hopefully this month I will skip my period due to a new addition lol. I honestly feel so comfy with our FS.He askd if we have been bding during the last week,so i said ja unfortunayely only twice lol,so fs says sjoe Michael gives you guys time for that.He always cracks me up lol.
Anyway so FS says we shud give it a year and if nothing by then,then we can start treatment.But he is positive we will fall preg on our own.So we are super excited.
While we were in dbn we did Michaels monthly nappy,formula and cereal shopping. Man he was giggling and laughing at everyone today,especially our was too cute.We got M a pair of Baby Ray Banz and he loves them,moans if we take it off.think he loves the attention lol.
I can't help but feel so blessed :)
Thanks for everyones support with our ttc :)

I am loving all the photos of the babies and tods. We all have gorgeous kids ;) Soon the 1st birthdays will be coming up ;)

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[link=] [/link]
TTC for just over 2 years 2009-2011 Male & Female Infertility
PCOS and IR diagnosed in 2010 put on glucophage
No BFP after 6 months
2010- one MC (nature took it's course) :( One more angel in heaven :)
First FS appointment Jan 2011, PCOS confirmed to be extremely severe. No ovulation and hormones completely imbalanced.
Jan 2011-first medicated cycle with normal intercourse = BFN
Feb 2011-...

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10 years 3 months ago #220686 by Lizel
Morning everyone

Feels like is has been years since I was on here. Going to try and remember everyone

Lindy, Kylie is beautiful, and you look really great

Liz, He is growing so nicely, and I feel your pain I am most days not in the mood to work I am so lazy :P

Tanz, your little man is is getting big

Chanz, sounds like M is doing great. Good luck with trying for nr 2. Hope you have good news very soon

Riffa, welcome your kids are so cute. Your LG looks so shy smiling to the camera. I turned 25 in January in live in Pretoria. I have a 2 and half year old LG and my other LG was born on 30 Nov, 3.2kg.

Skitter, M en L is so mooi. L lyk of hy die pap nie te veel geniet het nie. Ek het al skoon vergeet hoe werk die solids. Hoe lank moet mens nou weer pap gee en hoeveel voordat jy met groentes ens kan begin? Ek het begin koop en vries, gaan die einde van die maand vir haar begin gee.

Deja, Nienke is pragtig en haar hare het so mooi geword. Sion lyk en klink soos n regte engel. Carli-Ann doen dieselfde sy kyk ons kos uit, en sy eet haar hande omtrent op sy suig dit dat die spoeg sommer so loop. Sy drink so 120ml-180ml per voeding elke 4 ure maar maak nie altyd n bottel klaar nie, ek dink nie ek kan haar op n 5 uur roetine sit nie want dan gaan sy my dalk in die aande wakker hou :laugh: Jy en my pa verjaar Sondag saam ;)

Joey how you and Riley doing?

Claire, hope the kids are better. How is C doing?

I put the Mirena in 6 weeks ago and it was freaking sore, all better now just my period is so "deurmekaar" but dr said it would take about 6 months to get it right. We want to change medical aids. What medical aids are you ladies on?

Carli-Ann is now 6.2kg and 60cm so she is growing nicely, she wakes 1 to 2 times a night but will go back to sleep after a bottle, she is really an angel. Zelri well she is one busy little girl and talks my head of. She fell for the last few day and everytime her lip gets busted al over again, and I cant take blood so that is hard.

Hope you all have a great weekend :heart:

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