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10 years 5 months ago #220402 by Claire
Hello everyone,

Welcome Riffa! So nice to have another mom join us! I am Claire, 29 years old, my little girl, Indigo, was born 30 Nov (4kgs and 56cm long) and I have a 2 and a half year old little boy, Colby. That's a small age gap you have there! How are you coping? Your son is huge! ;)

Chanz - you make me laugh! Glad you enjoyed your getaway! I'm at the stage where I would love to just escape! Thankfully we have a week booked at the end of march! Can't wait. Thought I would log in again and see a pregnancy ticker...hope you fall pregnant soon! Let us know what the dr. says.

Lindy - Kylie sounds so sweet. Encourage the routine and she'll start sleeping better at night. Also, don't worry about her not sleeping through yet. She'll get there. Indigo still wakes up 3 times a night. Nothing I can do about it at this stage.

Shame Liz - glad his skin is better. I also don't use any of the baby products to wash my babies. I use dove soap. Works like a charm. Lol about you pushing the pram...the things we'll do!

Hi to everyone else!

So, my kids are sick (again) and on antibiotics (again). Indigo has the virus that causes bronchitis (but it hasn't developed into bronchitis yet. Colby has another throat infection. So no sleep in this house, between the coughing, vomiting and runny poos...I am finished!

Good news though, Indigo rolled over tonight for the first time! From her back to her tummy. She's been half rolling from back to side and from tummy to side for a while but this was the first time she did it all the way. She's not even 3 months old! Hasn't even laughed yet! Funny girl.

It's really sad her being so sick. She's not picking up weight like I'd like her to. In order for her to double her birth weight, she must weigh 8kgs!!! She was 6.1 kgs at her 10 week check up. Still a long way to go. My son was 7.2 at 10 weeks! She's a really bad eater and I have no idea what to do about it. She only ever takes one breast for a max of 10 minutes and then refuses to have more...even EBM from a bottle. The doc said she's growing nicely so I mustn't worry...HELLO, I'm a mom! Of course I'm gonna worry!

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10 years 5 months ago #220376 by Liz
Riffa, your babies are just too cute!!! I love the name Bethany..

Here's a pic of my baby, don't know if it's going to show.....

I'm suppose to be working on a few warranty claims, but I'm struggling with it, I'm bored, not lus vir it anymore. I'm pushing the pram with my right leg to and throw, I know the moment I stop, the cute monster is going to open his eyes. My leg is aching way I'm gonna stop, hahahaha!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!!

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10 years 5 months ago #220371 by Lindy
Hi Riffa and welcome

I don't have much time just wanted to introduce myself I am Lindy and I am 30 years old (wow hahaha that's the first time I've had to wright that) and I am a first time mommy to my daughter Kylie and she was born on the 30th November 2011 and weighed 2.6kg's 49cm and not sure about the head I think 53??

Anyway will update more details later.

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10 years 5 months ago #220295 by riffa2010
Afternoon Ladies :cheer:

Just wanted to introduce my babies to you

This is Jason my baby (BIG) boy . He is just over 4 months old, weighs nearly 9kg and 65 cm long

This is my big girl Bethany - she is 18 months old, weighs 11kg and 84 cm

so excited to start chatting with all of you :P

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10 years 5 months ago #220285 by Liz
Hi ladies!

How are you all doing? Hectic here, Paul is sleeping, eventually. Yay!!!

Chanz, really glad M is growing so well. I wouldn't be too bothered if he doesn't finish his bottle, as long as he is picking up weight. Well done on you and hubby going away for the weekend without M! We are invited to a braai on Saturday evening, still deciding whether we are going. I feel so bad for leaving P with someone, he is in a fantastic routine with sleeping through the night and everything, would hate to change that.

Hi Riffa! Welcome to our group! You'll enjoy it here. I'm Elizma, 28 years old, my little one, Paul was born on 30 Nov. And we live in Robertson, Western Cape.

Ons sukkel vreeslik met Paul se vel. Toe hy uit die hospitaal kom, het ons daai Cetaphil wat mens in die hospitaal kry, gebruik om hom mee te was, en die Bennets Aqua room. Maar ek wou mos he hy moet lekker gebruik ek toe die Elizabeth Annes produkte. En gooi badolie in sy bad. GROOT fout. Sy velletjie begin toe droog raak, en ek gebruik net meer olie en room. NOG groter fout. Hy begin huil in die bad, want dit jeuk seker. Ek gebruik toe Johnsons badprodukte, maar die arme kind skree so, ek dog hy gaan dood. En sy vel was bloedrooi!! Ek het soos 'n skurk gevoel! Gister het ek gedink die arme kind moet dokter toe, maar begin toe MILK se room gebruik, en dit werk wondere!! Dis sommer stukke beter, rooiheid is klaar weg. Ek sal nooit weer 'n ander produk gebruik nie.

Lindy, Kylie is sooo cute!

Hey Joey! Don't know how you work and look after Riley! My house is a mess, feels like I'm only looking after Paul, and clean. But I can't keep up.....

Oh, if anybody knows of someone who wants to buy a breastpump....I'm selling mine. Medela Swing.

Aaaaargh, Paul is awake again....Cheers vir eers!

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10 years 5 months ago #220268 by Chanz
Hello Moomies :P

How is everyone? Sjoe our thread has been super quiet, must be our precious bundles keeping us busy B)

Gracious so glad to see you popped in. Congrats on the birth of you precious LO.

Lindy- so glad Kylie is doing so well. Saw all the pics on Fb, she is getting so cute now and def more awake too. And you are coping so well too, well done Mommy.
Michael is loving the fruit puree, started him on butternut on Monday and he is loving it. I do take him for swims too but mainly after 4pm coz our north coast sun is just to bad for him during the day.

Joey- glad Riley is doing so well, saw his pics too and he looks so adorable. Amazing how time flies hey. I can only imagine how hectic it must be to work and look after Riley.

Riffa- welcome to Moomie and our thread. I am sure you will love it here. Lovely bunch of Mommies :)
I am currently 24, Michael (firstborn) was born 7 weeks prem on 1 October 2011. I am also a stay at home mommy. Oh and I live in Richards Bay, KZN.

Elrike- Edrich raak nou regtig oulik hoor. Het die doop fotos gesien en dit het alles so mooi gelyk. Baie spesiaal :)

AFU- Michael is doing so well. Never new my heart could be so overfilled with love for him. We went away the weekend without M. It was really lovely and hubby surprised me to a live music performance on Friday. Was real special. BUT man o man we missed Michael so much. So think that was the last time we go away without M again. I think hubby just wanted to treat me coz he feels bad that he can't help me like a normal dad can (coz of his disability). But it doesn't bother me.
Michael has tried all the major fruits now. He started butternut on Monday and loving it. So every morning he has rice cereal, fruit for lunch and in the evenings he has a little cereal and veg. He still wakes about two times a night but I am ok with that. But have noticed even before starting solids that he still won't finish a bottle. Don't know if I should be worried. But he is gaining weight so that kinda puts me at ease.
I am quite excited, we are seeing our FS next Friday. So hoping to have a POA and also to show him Michael etc. Honestly couldn't have asked for a better FS, he still emails every now and then asking how we are etc. Very few doctors around like that :)

Well I hope to see some feedback :cheer:

[link=] [/link]
[link=] [/link]
[link=] [/link]
TTC for just over 2 years 2009-2011 Male & Female Infertility
PCOS and IR diagnosed in 2010 put on glucophage
No BFP after 6 months
2010- one MC (nature took it's course) :( One more angel in heaven :)
First FS appointment Jan 2011, PCOS confirmed to be extremely severe. No ovulation and hormones completely imbalanced.
Jan 2011-first medicated cycle with normal intercourse = BFN
Feb 2011-...

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10 years 5 months ago #220253 by Joey
Hi Riffa,

Glad you could join this group :)
I'm Jolene i'm 29 have a boy Riley born on the 10th october.

Hope you enjoy chatting her.

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