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11 years 2 months ago #185233 by Moomie Admin
@Mom2C, I had a look but now can't remember. Will come post it later when I've written it down.

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11 years 2 months ago #185111 by julz
Milou you just hit the nail on the head. I am not sure I want Dylan to learn about Religion at school because it will always be a biased teaching unless they specifically have a world religion class, but he is at least getting some kind of reference to religion at school.

I am most certainly not going to initiate it at home, but if he wants to talk about religion or asks about God I will most certainly encourage his thought process and support his views.

I am spiritual so I do want him to grow up respecting others and their views and to respect life in general. Faith is a comforting bonus and if he discovers faith then I will be happy for him.

Mom of Dylan and Partner to Joerg. We live in the Beautiful Pringle Bay which is along the Whale coast, Cape.

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11 years 2 months ago #185105 by milou
I've really enjoyed reading everyones's responses. It is a thorny topic but always good to address. I do think it must be easier to teach your child about spirituality when you've grown up with it. My parents chose to bring us up without religion - we had RE at school of course and I did ask to go to Sunday school and was duly taken, as well as to 'Youth' when I was older. I was thinking that while one part of me thinks that religion and spirituality has no place in schoo,l and that it's the parent's responsibility, that there's another of part of me that would happily hand it over to the school knowing that even if the daughter doesn't choose to embrace an organised religion - at least she will have the moral codes and the histories and music etc. of A FAITH.

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11 years 2 months ago #185081 by blessedmom
@Deja - What is name of that book? My daughter has one in afr & one in english but I feel the one in afr is more for when she is older as she needs to do things in the bible as the story is being told.
Your post also explain exactly how I feel inside & how our daughter will be brought up.

My daughter still needs to go through the "inseënings" part but haven't done that yet cause we don't belong to a church but the pastor who married us said he will gladly do it. So, I thought maybe we should wait for no 2 & then have one ceremony for both children :-)

@Milou - It is a difficult decision & not sure how I would approach it.

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11 years 2 months ago #185067 by Moomie Admin
I always say I never discuss religion and politics at a braai, because it never has a good outcome.

However, myself and my husband are both Christian. We are in an AGS church (brought up NG) but are not members. I am thinking of becoming part of a cell group, since I feel we are in need of that. Nienke was not baptised, she was "ingeseën", which is basically blessed.

I have found a fabulous children's book on Jesus which I am now reading to Nienke each night before bed. (I found the other books didn't really explain anything in children's terms. This one is just exactly what I was looking for.) We also pray, just a short prayer to thank God for keeping us safe and giving thanks to several things.

We will bring her up Christian. Or the way I/we see/experience Christianity. I am very much into the scientific part of it as well and how we are each also responsible for our own life and thoughts.

I will teach her to respect other religions and that each person is entitled to believe and feel what they feel is true. It is not so say that any of us are wrong.
I will also teach her to have an open mind but most of all, I'd want her to have a relationship with God on her own, because that is the way that she will feel it's true.

Milou, back to your question, I am not sure what I'd do in your situation.

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11 years 2 months ago #185046 by Frankie
Well said Suhaila!

I think a lot of us are just politely keeping quiet.

Funny how this thread made me feel sad and disappointed, not warm and fuzzy at all!

From Durbanville, living in Johannesburg
Our son is almost 4
Our daughter is almost 1

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11 years 2 months ago - 11 years 2 months ago #185037 by blessedmom
Interesting thread to read.

Firstly, I do respect each person's choice in what they believe or don't believe in.

Every person is different & they make their own choices in life, whether anybody approves of it or not.

Secondly, I am a proud christian & most of my family are christians. I went to sunday school when I was small & also most of my highschool years. I was baptised as a baby but not as an adult.

My husband is also a christian & my daughter will be brought up as a christian & for me, I can only pray that she sticks with what we believe in & will, like Nayeela be hurt if she chooses otherwise but will never disown her.

We don't go to church for various reasons but one is that I went to AGS & my husband to a NG church & we can't decide on which church is best as I don't like the ways of the NG BUT on that note, God is everywhere & not just in a church.

I am at peace for what I feel in my heart, I know what I believe in & I think that is important. IS YOUR HEART AT PEACE WITH WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN?

I also think it's important to learn about all the different religions so that we can understand it better & not just judge each other & think that what we believe in is the right one.

My cousin was also brought up in a christian home, went to sunday school, church, was baptised as an adult etc but that all changed through the years when he met his wife as she is more of a spiritual person but again, he made that choice as that is something he believed in. They follow the ways of Shamanism & it hurt my aunt very much as it caused alot of tension between all of them but she understands it better & has made peace with her son's choices in life.

So, choose what works for you & for your family but again, you need to feel at peace with what you decide.

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