‘Her body, her choice’ or overly sensitive parents? Featured

The "her body, her choice" saying sparked a worldwide debate between mothers of girls. The debate is almost as big as the 'caesarean or normal birth' and 'breastfeeding or bottle feeding' debate and is hotly debated on social media.

It's all about when you should pierce your daughter’s ears for the first time. For years, the tradition has been to have girls’ ears pierced at such a young age as six months. These days, it is more common for moms to wait until their daughter is old enough to ask for it. This is where the 'her body, her choice' comes from.

Moms feel it is too traumatic for small children and babies to have ears pierced so early. They also feel it is not your choice to make, but rather that of your little girl. Moms reason, what if your little girl does not want earrings? Then she has pierced ears for the rest of her life. According to the saying, ‘her body, her choice’, you may not make any changes to your child's body for your own gain.

Some moms also feel that this is an opportunity to form a bond with your child and share a special moment, when you wait until she asks.

Other moms say it is better to do it while they are young and not be able to pull on the earrings and the pain is forgotten within seconds.

What is your view on this?

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