When can I start to paint my baby girl’s nails? Featured

Painting your little girl’s nails can be a very good bonding experience for both mommy and daughter. Besides, what little girl doesn’t want to be like mommy? The age old question is however, is it safe to paint a baby’s nails and what is the right age to start?

Most moms prefer to wait until their daughter are old enough to ask to have her nails painted, which is around two to three years old. Some moms start as young as they feel like it, usually using only peel off nail polish.

Scientists and experts suggest not to paint your baby’s nails until she is eight months old. With safe polish, you can start painting your baby's nails whenever she stops putting them in her mouth. This is normally at around eight months for toenails and between 18-24 months for fingernails. Parents should choose a non-toxic, chemical-free nail polish just for babies and children to be as safe as possible.

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