file Do we cap broken tooth or should it rather get pulled?

2 years 8 months ago #277820 by Moomie Moderator
Christy Coetzer asked:
Hi Dirna! When my son was 13 months old his one top tooth came out broken. Our dentist recommended that he put a cap on it as the rest of his teeth hadn't come out yet and if he pulled the tooth then the rest of his teeth would shift and it may cause problems later on. We got the cap done a week later. He is now 2 and the cap broke off. We aren't sure how but he is a very busy boy, always running around and climbing up on things and jumping off things. It's not bugging him, but now his eye teeth are just about out and he has most of his molars. I don't think he's got more that need to come. (He's my 1st child so I'm not sure really if there should be more coming). He loves to brush his teeth and brushes them twice a day. My question is, do we cap the broken tooth again or should we rather get it pulled? I just don't want him to get an infection of some kind and makes things worse for him.

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2 years 8 months ago #277837 by Dirna Grobbelaar
Hi Christy. The first 'milk' teeth play a very important role maintaining space for the permanent teeth, so it is very important to look after them. If they lose their teeth early from cavities it can impair speech development, problems eating etc.I would recommend that you have the tooth capped.

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