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Hello Ladies,

I trust you are all doing great. Thank God It's FRIDAY!!

@Blou I'm glad to hear that all is well with baba and that you getting a girl. I can only imagine how excited you must be, it's like a whole new experience all together. Enjoy mama.

@Sons I no longer give Leano milk, she just has rooibos tea during the night and we try to give her as much water as possible during the day. Luckily she loves her water. We have not taken her to the dentist yet, her mouth is already filling up with teeth. I will ask her Doctor at her 2yr check up if we should. For her 2nd bday we are just gonna go to Papachinos they have quite a nice play area there. We will have a proper big party when she turns 3.

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@ Sons, Rosalie is on Nido and gets a bottle of it in the morning and a bottle in the evening. In between she gets Rooibos tea, juice and water. She dropped her morning nap a few months ago and her nap time is from 1-3pm but sometimes she wants to sleep at 12. Her eating schedule is as follows: 8am breakfast, 10:30 snack, 12 lunch, 3:15 snack, 6pm supper and then a very small snack at 7pm just before bed. Maybe feed his lunch a little earlier and try to stretch him till just after the early lunch. It's so difficult when their naps change. Yes those motorbikes are so cute! I am sure he is speedy

Rosalie walked in while I was making a wee on day and then I said mommy is making a pee pee on the potty. She must have clicked because since then she said pee pee and wanted to sit on the toilet. I have a Bumbo rubber potty seat that fits onto the toilet so whenever she asked I put her on the potty. A few days later she made a very small pee pee in the potty and I made a big fuss of her. About a week or so after doing that during the day she would say pee pee just as she was making a wee in her nappy and then wouldn't want the nappy on. So from there I took her nappy off and every 30 minutes I would put her on the potty even if she didn't need it but most of the times she did. All of a sudden she didn't want nappies on at all and told me when she wants to use the potty but I still put her on the potty before and after a nap/sleep. She was fully potty trained 18 months but she was ready.
I think the signs are that they become interested in the potty and realises when or just before they are going to make a wee. Then also when they do not want even a slight nappy or even a dry nappy on. Good luck, I am happy that it was just easy for me.

Lasly not sure about the dentist as Rosalie hates us even looking into her month and doubt that she will allow the dentist to check. Think I will wait till she is a bit older and has more teeth as she only has 12, haha

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