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Hello ladies

How is everyone doing?

simmybunz@ your due date is the same as mine ( at least according to the Radiographer). I am glad are doing well and didn't catch any bug during your holidays.

pokkeljie@ soon you will be on maternity leave and be able to rest. I also just bought vests and use pyjama pants or yoga pants ( I prefer yoga pants more).

Spirited@ glad to hear you have hit the 36 week mark and your body is responding so well to medication. Oh man. the way the little ones get excited and its even more beautiful when your partner feels the same. please keep us posted.

how are the rest of the ladies doing?

AFM: I didn't get a scan on Monday. But am on a second round of antibiotics and went for a non stress test at the hospital and all seemed fine but have been told if the tummy issue doesn't stop I must call my Gynea and they will book me in. so far the meds are doing their job thankfully.
I bought vests from Pick n Pay and yoga pants and will also use my pyjama pants. I found this to be much much cheaper and more convenient for me. I am not a night dress or pyjama type of person. that has worked well for feeding too. Pokkeljie the stud idea is great. I will use it.
Bags are packed and dh leave is booked. 17th is d day. I can't wait.

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Hello Ladies,

Sooo exciting with everyone nearing their due dates!

@ Gontse1 - wow your little girl is grown so nice and big How many weeks are you now?

@ AnaB - it's tough when they don't sleep at night - takes an extra toll on you. And it's always good to get advise but at the end of the day it's what works for you, hubby and your little one. You know what feels right so just trust your gut! Hope it gets a bit easier for you - hang in there ;)

@ Debbie - glad all went well with your scan. It's a bit tough when you know you still have things/work that needs to be done or clients need to be attended to and you are not quite as able to - probably the downside of running your own business. Agree....what will be, will be and if it's a C-section I am sure you will find a way to make it work. Just try not over do it....normal or C-section your body still has a lot of recovering to do ;)

@ SimmyBunz - you could use any loose or buttoned type of shirts, maybe even wear a gown only when you are busy nursing. I've actually decided to buy a few strappy tops and just put press studs on the straps so it is like my own handmade nursing tops. Will be much cheaper than to buy actual nursing tops...

@ SpiritedMama - glad you and baba made it to 36 weeks! Holding thumbs that you can make it pass 37 weeks ;)
Aaahhh that is so cute - everyone being excited for the soon arrival of your little on. My daughter is also very excited and can't wait....she actually told me on Sunday that she can't wait for Nunu to come :)

Hope everyone else is hanging in there!

AF - nothing new my side. My daughter's 1st day in Gr 1 - she looked so adorable in her school uniform...can't believe how fast the time is going and that she is in BIG school now :)
Have a stabbing pain close to my ribcage, but gynae says it is just a muscle that's under strain every time I move. Just counting down the weeks.....can't wait for our little one to be born!

Well have a great day ladies....take care of yourselves x

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Replied by Spirited Mama on topic Jan / Feb 2017 Babies
Hi Ladies

Yes, I'm still in hospital. We are 36 weeks today :woohoo:
My dr is still very happy with both baby and I. No protein in the urine and seelling has come down considerably, I can actually see my toes individually... my BP is stable and within the norm.

At this stage we will just wait it out until next Wednesday, which is 37 weeks, and perhaps induce labour then. I'm thinking of holding out just a few more days past 37 weeks, if medically possible but will discuss with dr as we approach that time.

I can't believe that we are all neating the end of of pregnancies. Feels like just the pther day that I found out. I was telling DH that I will savour these moments as this is my last pregnancy. He is quite ok with my decision. He is already beaming, you'd think the baby is here already. He has the same twinkle he had when pur. First son was born. Even my eldest can't contain his excitement anymore. We are all ready to love this baby.

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm being monitored constantly but its not so bad as I hear baby's heartbeat all the time. He is such an active baby, heartbeats at 180 some times....he is a strong healthy boy.

Cheers for now.

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Replied by SimmyBunZ on topic Jan / Feb 2017 Babies
Good morning ladies, and happy new year!

Wow, I didn't realise it had been SO long since my last post. I don't really have an excuse - we were away for 10 days over Christmas/New Years with bad internet, but otherwise I have been reading, just feeling lazy to respond. I'm sorry ladies :(

Pokkeltjie - I hope your lg's arm is recovering nicely now!

MrsGov - Well done with completing your exams!

cuma - Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! He is beautiful and looks so healthy. Put on an updated photo for us sometime?

AnaB - Congratulations! Briony is gorgeous! I'm so hoping things get easier for you soon! You will find your groove and figure things out!

Bea - Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and that your babies are well and at home. You really had us worried with the water breaking and trying to keep the babies in longer - I'm just so happy for you that the outcome has been so great! Especially after 13 rounds of IVF (I see in your signature) - you deserve a medal! Although having your boys is better than any medal!

DebbieF - Sorry to hear about the hospital stay! My DF also had a terrible stomach bug the day we had to drive back from our holiday, but luckily we could manage it with over the counter medications. I was so scared I would catch it!

NnitaN - Has baby arrived yet? I can't wait to hear about it and see pictures!

gontse1 & First-time Mom - Your due dates are SO close now! How are you feeling?

Nels_n - So is yours, EEEK! I'm so excited for everybody!

Spirited Mama - Oh no, your symptoms did sound like pre-e, how is it going now??

lethuwam - How did it go with your 4d scan?

AFM - The baby bag is packed but my bag still needs a few things. I need to pack 3 pairs of pyjamas, and they probably need to be easy to nurse in, but I don't have anything appropriate. What sort of pyjamas did you ladies pack? I can't afford to go buy 3 new pairs now. Maybe nursing tank tops with my pyjama bottoms- if any of you ladies know where I can get affordable ones?
For those ladies going to a mediclinic, what is in your bag (not baby's)?

Scan was yesterday at 36 weeks, baby was measuring a little bit below average, he was 2.6kg. He was very squashed in there and he was also asleep, so we didn't get to see very much. Also had the swab for Group B strep (aaargh) and at my next visit he will be checking for dilation. I hate pelvic exams :sick:

Next scan is on 26 January :heart:

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Due 7 February 2017!!

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5 years 4 months ago #275596 by DebbieF
Replied by DebbieF on topic Jan / Feb 2017 Babies
Ello ladies.

Think I am suffering from preggie brain thought I posted how my appointment went last week <EEK> sorry
all good with baba 2.2kg at 33 weeks last tuesday. Baba is still breech so will see gynae again on the 27th and then
will discuss POA , I know I told the Whats app group I really don't want a C-Section , i think the recovery time is what I am concerned about as it is the busiest time of the year for our business so hubby is going to be doing alot of work and wont be available for me , I think the thought of being stuck at home kills me , I know when baba is here there is lots to do at home
but I also have some clients that only want me , so they have said I can bring baba with me , but if I cant drive I cant get there.
But what will be will be. I am still hoping gynae will try turn baba and then induce me , we shall see. :cry:

Got some ladies that are really close , I am still sorting out the nursery etc etc , this baba better not come early.

Sorry no personals have read but need to compile a list in order to reply .... will do shorttly.

First - time- mom : i cant see your details on your connection to me , can you send me a Whats Ap so I can add you to the group and anyone else that wants to be added , my cell number is 082-492-1755.

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Briony is 19 days old and will not sleep at night. I get lots of advice from people on what to do but most of it just doesn't sit right with me. Like...dont let her sleep in your room and force her to cry it out. I just can't. So i'll struggle til i figure it out. She has a lot of cramps/wind. But they only seem to bother her at night.

Tanya the breastfeeding thing doesn't seem to be meant to be. I've pretty much given up. I just pump now and i get so little i really do wonder if its even worth it.

Soon you'll all have your little ones and you can tell me how to get Briony to sleep at night. Or how i can learn to sleep during the day.

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5 years 4 months ago #275594 by gontse1
Replied by gontse1 on topic Re:Jan / Feb 2017 Babies
Hi Pokkeltjie, wow your baby us growing nicely in there. Its so great to see them yawning or making any kind of movements. Time is really moving fast now, soon the 31st will be here and you will be at home resting.

My appointment went well baby is growing nicely, she is 3.5kg now and her kicks are a bit painful. Will see Dr again next week

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