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10 years 1 week ago #225402 by Snoekie
Good Morning Ladies.

Some people find throwing up lessens the nausea, and others find that once you start, you are at it for the next couple of hours. Sometimes I feel better afterwards, But I immediately eat something, other times it doesn't help at all, But I never force myself to throe up.
Hope you feel better Hun.

Hurray for your good scan. So glad all is looking well with your busy little bean!

How was the weekend, Hope is wasn't too much chaos.

I am short on your heals, I am 9 weeks 5 days today! And can't wait for my scan in two and a half weeks.

Hope all you ladies have a stunning day!

Me: 30
DH: 32
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Sept '11 50mg Fertomid: 1 Follicle BFN
Oct '11 50mg Fertomid: No follicles
Nov '11 100mg Fertomid: No Follicles
Dec '11 150mg Fertomid: No Follicles 46 day cycle
Feb '12 Femara and Glucophage: OV'ed BFN
March '12 Femara and Glucophage: OV'ed BFN
April '12 Femara and Glucophage: BFP!!!!
21 Jan 2013 Birth of my little girl, Anja.

Jan 2014: Informaly starting to try for nr 2. No Medication... Just enjoying the journey for now.

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10 years 1 week ago #225397 by NadiaSteenkamp
Anthea- yes i do!! It works, you feel alot better! just try it, its better than just walking with it all day!!!

My previous gynae said, some multivitamins make make one nauseas, and its true, since i stopped the multi vitamins, and only use folic acid, i feel SO much better!!

Week 10 today!!! Jay, only two more weeks to go then im done with T1!!! Cant wait.

Have a nice day pregnant faries :)

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10 years 1 week ago #225393 by Antz08
Hi there Ladies

How is everyone doing? Did you all have a good weekend?

AFM: the MS is really driving me around the bend :sick: I feel like a stuck recorder, complaining about the same thing over and over... The Asic is about the same as the Vomifene - works for a bit but doesnt last... Still feel nauseas after taking it...

Tell me, i have had a friend recommend that whenever i feel nauseas i should just go throw up - and i will feel so much better! Does anyone have experience with this?

Me: 33
DH: 34
Married: September 2009 - 5 glorious years with my best friend!

First Darling Daughter: July 2010
Second Darling Daughter: January 2013

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10 years 1 week ago #225375 by Tazzy
TANZ!!!! I cant believe my eyes :cheer: congrats my friend xxxxxx

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10 years 1 week ago #225370 by PurplePoppie
Hi Everyone

My scan was Awesome :-) my little one is soooo super small but the moving around like crazy .. doc is happy with the grow. and what to see me again in 4 weeks. Ill be 12 weeks then. :woohoo:

Maybe ill see the sex then :whistle:

me and hubby very happy - was is birthday yesterday so he said he he got best birthday gift every...

so am one happy mommy 2 be...

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10 years 1 week ago - 10 years 1 week ago #225337 by Leabella
Hello all,

Cherikey, always a good idea to listen to your Dr. I doubt if it is the Ecotrin that makes you pee. Ectorin is basically a quarter (1/4) disprin. Don't worry just take it daily as prescribed - better later than never. You are still very early in your pregnancy and pre-eclamsia only manifest much later in the pregnancy so dont worry.

Anthea08, great news about scan and due date. Thanks for the pic.

Snoekie, nice to hear from you.

Shrew, thanks for the reply. I must have had a much larger dose that you because our Clexane cost me around R6000 per month and at that time we only had a hospital plan so it came out of the back pocket. This time round I am going to apply for chronic benefrit from our medical aid. Hold thumbs please.

PurplePoppie, good luck with the scan. Please report back asap.

Bondelq and NadiaSteenkamp, do not stress about the blood circulation. If you are concerned speak to your Dr.

Melisue, glad you could pop in.

AFM: I am feel green most of the day. I am not sick just nasuious every 2 hours or so. We have to take our godchild to his rugby games because his parents have to attend a funeral tomorrow morning and I just became aware of the fact that my husband invited his whole family for a braai to watch the rugby tomorrow afternoon. I am going to run away - about 12 grown ups and a few small children. I will not survive. I almost burst out in tears!!! Please think of me...

Everyone have a wonderfull weekend!

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10 years 1 week ago #225335 by Melisue
Morning Ladies,

Sorry been so quiet... been an awful week and just feeling very sorry for myself. This MS and freezing weather just makes me miserable!!

Shew, I have missed alot this week!
Congratulations on your wonderful news!
Deeply sorry for your loss!
To all the other ladies, Congrats on your scans, glad all is well with you!

My first scan only on 25th, so still a bit of a wait for me. I have been taking vomifene every day this week just to try and function. I was very anti meds the first pregnancy but this time feels 100 times worse especially because I can't go home and just sleep. I decided to start taking the meds so I can still try and be as active as possible to look after my little boy, He has to come first! It's been tough and hubby has been a great help but I just wish I could curl up in a little ball with my blanket and hide away for a few days. :unsure:

Vomifene does help a bit but I've still had some terrible days, let me know how the asic helps.

Anyway guys, have wonderful weekends, look after yourselves and your precious ones

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