file Here we go again...IUI for baby nr 2 ;)

9 years 7 months ago #230119 by 1st Timer
Yay! Holding thumbs and crossing fingers and toes for you!

Son, James, born 30 April 2010 by caesar
Baby girl due end November 2012

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9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #230100 by Carmen-capi33
good luck with ttc # 2. Hope you get your BFP on the first IUI!

Cape Town
Mishka born 11- 02- 2011
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Nov 12 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest - home plan BFN
Dec 12 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest IUI BFN
Jan 13 - Femara Progynova Cyclogest IUI

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9 years 7 months ago #230069 by Chanz
Hello Moomies :woohoo:

I think some of you might remember me from last year January when we started fertility treatment. And in February 2011 our first IUI resulted in our little monkey.
For those that are new- I had severe PCOS (diagnosed in 2010) and IR, hubby has some slight sperm issues. January 2011 we did a medicated cycle and intercourse at home = BFN, then February we did a medicated cycle with IUI = BFP. Pregnancy had alot of ups and downs. Went into labor at 20 weeks, had an emergency Mc Donald stitch inserted and strict bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Long story short, Michael was born at 33 weeks weighing 2.09kg :) NICU for 3 weeks. :( But healthy and extremely energetic LOL :silly:

Since we struggled to conceive first time round, we decided to start ttc in December 2011. So I started my glucophage again and continued with the vitamins. Kept my hubby on sperm-i-prove. March 2012 we saw our wonderful FS again and it appeared my PCOS had miraculously improved and at the time of the US there was a nice follicle. FS advised waiting a year before starting fertility treatment, he was convinced that we could try naturally. Since then nothing has happened except my cycles aren't the same length every month.

Hubby and I have been chatting quite a bit and decided since nothing is happening and we don't want our kids sharing the same birthday month that we may aswell start IUI again. I sent my FS an email last week explaining my cycles and our wish and he then asked to see us immediately. So we saw him this Wednesday. Did a full annual check up aswell (pap smear etc). He also explained that since I had the cerclage with my first pregnancy that I will need it second time round but that they will put it in around 11-13 weeks. So my chances of carrying to term will be a bit better. FS did an ultrasound and all looks good. Since it was day 7 when we saw him, he noticed 3 small follicles on my one ovary. He was happy that my PCOS hasn't flared up like before. He says I am not dysfunctional and that I will fall pregnant again. He just asked that we carry on with the preg omega plus and sperm-i-prove. He is happy to do IUI next month but only if my cycle falls before the 29th November as from then he will be away at a conference. So my next cycle should start around the 7-9th November. So I am positive that all will work out.

It would be the best news right before Christmas :P But I am a little nervous, excited and sad at the same time. Nervous because I hope we will be lucky with the first IUI working again, excited because I can't wait to be pregnant with baby nr 2 and sad because it will most likely be our last pregnancy :( :cry: I must be weird but I absolutely love being pregnant even though my first pregnancy wasn't the easiest. And more than anything I really want to carry to term. I still feel so sad that I only got to 33 weeks with Michael, I feel like my body failed me once again. But I am just so grateful Michael survived more than anything.

So just thought I'd share my news and hopefully it can give someone else hope too ;)

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TTC for just over 2 years 2009-2011 Male & Female Infertility
PCOS and IR diagnosed in 2010 put on glucophage
No BFP after 6 months
2010- one MC (nature took it's course) :( One more angel in heaven :)
First FS appointment Jan 2011, PCOS confirmed to be extremely severe. No ovulation and hormones completely imbalanced.
Jan 2011-first medicated cycle with normal intercourse = BFN
Feb 2011-...

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