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Join us for a live chat on Wednesday, 8 November 2017 between 10:00 - 12:00. Dr Hlela will be answering all your questions about your babies skin health.

Dr Carol Hlela, paediatric dermatologist at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, embraces the responsibility that comes with being a pioneer in both the personal and professional spheres of her life.

Born and bred in KwaMashu near Durban, she was one of a few township children to pursue tertiary studies and, importantly, keep studying. She was the first recipient of Netcare’s Hamilton Naki Clinical Scholarship in 2007, which enabled her to complete a PhD in Clinical Medicine at Oxford University in England. Her ongoing research into the human Tlymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) has made her South Africa’s leading expert on the virus, as well as a highly-regarded contributor to the international body of knowledge developing around it.

Currently heading the Paediatric Dermatology Unit, at Red Cross Children Hospital, Dr is also employed by University of Cape Town, where she teaches medical students from third to sixth year and supervises PhD candidates. She has worked at the following hospitals, Groote Schuur Hospital (CT); King Edward Hospital (KZN), as a Dermatology Consultant (Skin Specialist).

During her community service year in a rural hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Hlela realised that the majority of patients they saw had skin rashes. Getting to a specialist involved a journey of almost 300km.

Paediatric dermatology was similarly not a fixed career decision. While studying towards her PhD, Dr Hlela studied mainly children because of her interest in HTLV-1. She attained her Masters and a PhD from Oxford University, UK. Upon her return to South Africa, in 2012 she was encouraged to stay in paediatrics.

Dr. Hlela is one of two paediatric dermatologists in the country, championing as a leading specialist in baby and child skincare. Her mission is to reduce skin conditions in babies and children, and become the voice in paediatric dermatology in Africa. Dr. Hlela is passionate about educating patients, medical professionals and medical corporations about innovative and simple skin solutions, through her research and campaigns. Part of her journey is the collaboration with South Africa’s number 1 baby skincare giant, Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson and Johnson has consulted Dr. Hlela for her services as a skin science expert, for their new venture on preventing and reducing the risk of skin infections in babies. This partnership affirms her exceptional reputation in this field, and places her as the country’s most sought after paediatric dermatologist.

Earlier this year she was the keynote speaker at Johnson & Johnson’s Science of Infant Skincare program which was held nationally and is primarily
based on why health care professionals should prioritize infant skin health.
Johnson & Johnson are driving an initiative to provide quality skin care for babies, and educate the publicwith Dr. Hlela at the forefront.

Dr Hlela, a sought after speaker nationally has presented papers at various national and international conferences. She is widely published; authored a book and has contributed book chapters. She has sat (still sits) at various advisory boards, (including the Infant Skin Care Guidelines Development Board) and is the Africa Representative for the International2 Retrovirology Association (IRVA) Board. She actively participates in various community
outreach projects, including community education and regularly contributes articles on baby skin care in various magazine and newspapers.

Her clinical research career is ongoing, including being part of national and international research collaborations, conducting various clinical research drug trials. Research, and the power it gives, remains Dr Hlela’s passion.

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