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8 years 11 months ago #174477 by Moomie Admin
Every now and again it happens that a profile is "corrupt", so to speak, and then whenever you log on, you are logged on as this profile.

There is NOTHING we can do about this. It would mean re-loading or whatever the whole database, losing everything, all the posts, everything.

The only thing I can do is to immediately block this specific profile, so that no one can use or abuse it if they are not that person. Then to create a new profile, with the same everything. Only thing is you become a "fresh boarder" again. And you have to reload your picture and other information.

This has now even happened to myself and "Administrator" was blocked just now.

If this EVER happens to you, please, please mail me IMMEDIATELY at, to block that profile and sort it out.

Do not post on the forum, because I do not always see it. If you mail it, I get it immediately.

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