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Hello Ladies :)

I am sure some of you are now well into your maternity leave, I hope everything is going well with your LO's :)
Just wanted to get some feedback on the experience some of the ladies had with 3rd party companies applying for the UIF on your behalf? Who did you use; How much did it cost; and how long did you wait to get paid? etc etc

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)

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Hi Ladies,

Please follow these steps to ensure the process.

Step 1:
Before you will be able to go to the Labour Centre, you must have the following documents ready:
  • ID or Passport with valid Working Visa (certified copies)
  • completed UI-19 (confirmation of employer that UIF had been paid - this form needs to be received from every employer you had in the previous years)
  • completed UI-2.8 (for banking details)
  • completed UI-2.7 (confirming the remuneration you will receive whilst on maternity)
  • completed UI-2.3 (application form)
  • Medical Certificate from a Doctor or Birth Certificate of the baby ; and
  • completed UI-4 (Follow up form, for continuation of payment)

  • Your Employer should provide you with a completed UI-2.7 and UI-19.

    Step 2:
    Once you have all your documents sorted, go to your nearest Labour Center to submit your Maternity benefits claim. If however you are unfit to do so in person, you may have someone else submit the application on your behalf.

    Step 3:
    The staff at the Labour Center may ask you to go to the Doctor again or visit the Labour Center several times. Please cooperate and do as you are asked, otherwise you will find difficulties

    Cape Town Labour Centers:
    Cape Town
    Mitchells Plein

    If you wish to have some else do this whole process for you, there are several Companies that do this for you

    Moms Link to UIF is a service provider that assist moms-to-be with applying for UIF. They charge a flat fee of R500 per application and will assist step by step. I know of 4 mommy's that have made use of this service and have been happy.

    It takes +-30 days for the first payment to be paid, please ensure that you ave enough funds to cover your expenses during that time.
What can you expect to receive from UIF?

I have never submitted personally but this is the information I have gathered from others that have:

You can expect between 38% - 58% of your gross salary for a maximum of 121 days (4 months). The higher you earn, the lower the % you will be paid. In other words, lower end earners will be eligible for the 58% payments.

Example: Your Gross salary is R14 000 per month and will be receiving 38%
0.38 x 14 000 = R5 320 is what you will be receiving from UIF

Your Gross salary is R5 000 per month and will be receiving 58%
0.58 x 5 000 = R2 900 is what you will be receiving from UIF

From the feedback received Payments are capped at R14 872 which means if you earn more than this amount; the excess will be excluded from the calculations.

Example: Your Gross salary is R20 000 per month and will be receiving 38%
0.38 x 14 872 = R 5 320 is what you will be receiving from UIF as your benefit is capped

Hope this helps :)

[link=] [/link]

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