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Hi Jehtha, yes there is a booking fee of about R1250 (if I remember correctly) at Genesis for downstairs beds, that needs to be paid before birth, and this is not covered by medical aid (well at least not on ours - we are with Discovery Classic Saver option).

Hope this helps?

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@JeanineK - I've seen old posts of yours as well - you used Marilyn Sher & Veronica for your first birth right? Can you tell me why you chose not to use them and to use Phindi instead for your second? Also, did you use a doula at either as well and was it worth the extra expense?

@jehtha I have a sort of similar issue with the gynae's as I can't deliver at Parklane or Linkwood because my insurance doesn't cover it (or more accurately, we'd have to pay 30% of the hospital bill as they're not associated hospitals). So I'm debating if we should see a gynae at Sandton (where I am covered) at least once to make sure we have someone there. But then will still need to see a backup gynae that's associated with Genesis at least once as well. :huh: Not awesome as those gynae visits are expensive.

@wide-eyed thanks for so much detail!

Glad to hear they'll give you gas if you ask for it in the birthing pool because I'm a bit scared of going without anything and not being able to handle it. I'm planning to do hypnobirthing classes now which hopefully will help with that.

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4 years 5 months ago #266829 by JeanineK
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Hi Jmaz,

I would have loved using Marilyn again, even phoned them first.
Unfortunately they don't do VBAC's (first birth one ended in emergency c-section).

That's how I ended up with Phindi - Marilyn suggested her, and she comes highly recommended on the forums for VBAC's - and I also loved her to bits!!

As for the doula - I never got a private Doula, but was lucky enough to get assigned one of the Genesis staff Doulas for my second birth - she is the one that pushed me through (managed to have 100% natural, water birth - no pain medication at all)!!
She literally spent hours sitting with me, rubbing my back, talking me through my contractions, telling me what to expect! Was REALLY worth having her there.

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