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Hi Ladies.

Sorry for being so quiet. Just working though all the complications with my pregnancy. I had to have a cervical cerclage coz my cervix was opening. I'm okay now and on pelvic rest. This is my first pregnancy and it's really the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Anyway... I went to my appointment on Wednesday. It really wasnt that horrible. We had a talk through session with the nurse, it was really informative and she was really sweet.

All the tests came back clear. Thank goodness. It looks like the basics of every appointment will be:
- Blood pressure
- Diabetes
- Urine test
- Measuring stomach <--- still not sure what this is for
- An injection <~ don't know what for
- Getting vitamins

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4 years 3 weeks ago #270446 by licious
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Hi moomies

Ohh My God Purple heart, you must have been scared. I am glad everything its fine now. If you dont mind me asking. What causes that and what are the symptoms.

I went on my appointment on the 28 jan...1stly they had a meeting and finished around 10...then we did the urine test n BP, the injection,weighing. That went quickly.
Then the next part of where they are to measure our stomachs n giving us the meds..came to a stand still when a young girl came in and she was in labour...they had stop everything to help her...did i mention that the clinic its a day clinic n they dont give ppl u can imagine the chaos...
After an hour or so the clinic manager came to explain the situation to us...i left the clinic around 1...
The sister was very nice n u can ask anything...well i was not interested as i wanted to leave the clinic as soon as next appointment its on the 09/03...its far but the less i go to that place the better

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