Can stress affect fertility? Featured

Stress can cause infertility and infertility can cause stress? It seems like a never-ending cycle. Although extreme stress may affect fertility, it rarely does so in ways that would lead to long-term trouble with getting pregnant.


While stress alone does not seem to cause infertility, stress can push us toward unhealthy behaviours that can affect our fertility.


Here are some examples of stressed out unhealthy behaviour:


  • Sleep too much or sleep too little
  • Give in to emotional eating or not allow enough time to eat healthy
  • Not find enough time for exercise or push yourself to exercise too hard
  • Drink one too many alcoholic drinks
  • Smoke, or, if you quit smoking, start smoking again
  • Drink too much coffee, especially if you're sleep deprived
  • Lose interest in having sex

Here are some tips that may boost your fertility:

  • Creating a bedtime routine and sticking with it
  • Watching your carbohydrate and junk food intake is also advisable. This is true for men and women. Eating more junk foodhas been correlated with poorer sperm health
  • Just as eating too much junk food or being overweight can cause fertility problems, weighing too little or not eating enough can affect your reproductive potential
  • You should work out, but not excessively
  • Enjoy your coffee, but within limits
  • Cut back on alcohol
  • Try to stop smoking
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