file 2 year old picky eater

5 years 8 months ago #274309 by liefie
Okay so my little one never was really that much of a picky eater but lately he has become a real picky eater
and I have no clue what to give for supper anymore...

I think it is a texture thing not so much taste, he won't eat mac and cheese but he will eat bobotie and rice

We go by the rule if you don't eat what you are given then you don't get anything else. He loves peanut butter
sarmies he gets that for lunch but I don't know what else to make for supper!

To be fair he does eat he will sometimes eat cheese and fish fingers but any other meat like chicken drumstick etc he rejects.
but I am scared to fall into a trap that he always eat the same and misses out on trying new things.
He also eats strawberries and banana

What did other mommies do? Is this just a phase and will he start trying new stuff later?

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