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6 years 2 months ago #271954 by Joanne23

My LO also has an allergy to cow's milk and gluten.

I found that the purity gluten free range helps unfortunately the only have it in rice and maize. My LO ate the rice one and we never had any problems.

As for the eczema my doctor prescribed 2% Lenovate cream mixed into a big pot of epi-max junior cream. And at the beginning Deselex syrup as well.

This really helped quite a lot. LO is now 15 months and we never use the Deselex any more and it has been almost a month without using the cream.

We are going to try cow's milk in the next month of so to see how it goes. The good news is that they usually outgrows the allergy.

Hang in there

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6 years 2 months ago #271951 by kayla
Replied by kayla on topic Babies with cows milk allergy
Hi Ccoetsee

My baby was on Neocate, he ended up in ICU due to his milk allergy. Unfortunately I don't have much advice. South Africa is really limited with regards to food for allergy kids. I made all my own food. He practically lived on fruit and veggies when he was that age. My son was fine on hipp organic rice cereal, but it tasted revolting, so we used to mix purreed apple or banana into it. Made it yummie. If gluten is a problem, try gluten free rice cereal from purity (think it is a white box), that is also dairy free, I think there is a vanilla flavour, tasted quite nice. The other option is to give him maize porridge (slap pap). Remember if they say lactose free it still contains cow's milk protein. Look out for the allergens, if it says cow's milk stay away (obviously) You will be supprised what contains lactose. Even medicine. Did you try the hipp organic banana cereal (not the oats)?

If you go on organix's website they give you search options (age, meal time, allergens) that gives you a range of products that is dairy free. You don't always get everything in SA, but dischem has a large range as well as baby and company.

Woolies sells soya yoghurt, that is really yum. They also have very limited soya range. On weekends I made him flapjacks (obviously if your little one is older) 1 banana, 1 egg, mix it to a batter and you fry it like you would flapjacks.

My son is 2 now, so it is a bit easier now. I will think a bit more on what we gave him.

Good luck mommy, I feel your pain.

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6 years 2 months ago #271946 by ccoetsee
Hi Mommies,

Would like to find out please - any other moms out there with a baby who has CMA?
Do you perhaps please know of any shop in SA that stocks a better variety of baby foods for this?
Really struggling with cereal at the moment, seems my LO has a reaction to even the Purity Maize cereal that you mix with your own milk. I see that the cereal has a little bit of lactose in.
My LO is 7 months old now, on Pepticate, was on Neocate initially.
Weaning is really difficult....
Have tried Hipp Organic oats with banana but it gave her eczema, so looks like gluten is an issue too.

There really isn't a lot to choose from in the local stores like PnP or even Dischem for babies with CMA.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you. :)

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