If you have a business you think we'll be interested in, please copy the questions below, paste it onto your email and answer each question in red. Attach a high resolution picture of either yourself, your family or yourself and something depicting your business. When your business is chosen to be featured on Moomie, you will receive an email, with links to where the article will appear. We do ask that you link back to Moomie, please. Send your mail to moomieforum@gmail.com with "Business of Week Submission" in the subject line.

Here are the questions:

Tell us your name, are you married and how many kids do you have?
How did you start your business?
Where did you train/gain your knowledge?
How did you prepare to start your own business?
Are you living your passion?
How important is it to you to do what you love?
How do you balance it all?
Do you think time management is important?
How do you manage your time?
What, in short, is your business about?
What made you become interested in your line of work?
Do you have a Facebook and Twitter page?
How can users contact you?
Your website link?
What do you love about being a member of Moomie?
Thank you for your submission!



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