10 Ultimate Tips For Brest feeding Mommy’s Featured

For breastfeeding moms who are either new or it’s been long since the last time, here are a few tips to help.

1. Do not panic if it hurts (in the beginning)
Breastfeeding tends to be painful in the beginning with raw and cracked nipples, sore boobs but all these are totally normal especially for first-time moms.

2. Moisturize the nips 
This is to prevent or heal chapped and painful nipples. You can use olive oil or lanolin cream.

3. Nipple shields can be quite helpful
Nipple shields are used to protect sore nipples during breastfeeding but should always be used under the guidance of a lactation consultant.

4. Speaking of lactation consultants…
Look for one with a good reputation before you have your baby to make things easier if you are having issues after the baby is born.

5. Practice makes perfect
More nursing is the answer to your ultimate nursing challenges. Also get support from experienced family or friends, online, professionals or whatever it takes to get through these tough times.

6. Nursing tanks and bras
Invest in comfy nursing tanks and bras which are so easy, and you don’t even have to pull your shirt up while breastfeeding. You can layer them under a cardigan, hoodie or zip-up.

7. Set up a breastfeeding station
Breastfeeding can take up to ten hours of your day in the first several weeks so setting up a comfortable place especially in front of the TV is quite helpful.

8. Avoid over pumping immediately
If you don’t have an established supply, this will only create an oversupply which is very unnecessary.

9. Don’t shy away from breastfeeding in public
Breastfeeding, even in public, is a beautiful thing. But, never forget to carry a cover or blanket, etc., to get more comfortable.

10. Hydration
keeping hydrated is very important if you do not want to run out of milk for your baby.

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