Tree of life breastfeeding pictures all over

Image: Ronell van Rhyn Image: Ronell van Rhyn

The tree of life breastfeeding pictures are all over! The images are STUNNING!

Having spent two hours sifting through all of my children's pictures and not finding ANY breastfeeding pictures, I am green with envy right now. We should start a tree of life pregnancy theme and then I'll have LOADS of pictures!

If you have breastfeeding pictures and you want to create your own tree of life breastfeeding pic, you can follow these steps:

1. Download the app called PicsArt.

2. Press the + button and choose a picture (your breastfeeding pic).

3. Download a tree of life pic on your phone (check for the permissions that it's a free image).

4. In the app, press "add photo" and choose your tree of life pic. Press "add".

5. Press "blend", then "multiply". You'll see the background of the second pic will disappear. 

6. Rotate your image accordingly. Press "apply".

7. Now the fun starts! Press "magic" and then choose the magic you want to happen. I quite like "midnight"; "rainbow" and "wonderland". 

8. Press "apply". You have your amazing picture! Please share it in our forum section here

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