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Beautiful Snoekie and I am so very happy for you!!!

First angel resting 25/06/2009 stayed with us a short 7 weeks but we still miss you.

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Anja Erna Jordaan

EDD: 16 january 2013
birth Date: 21 January 2013
Time: 06:40
Weight: 3.7kg
Length: 54 cm

Birth: Vaginal, Episiotomy Forceps Delivery

Nearly 3 years I waited for this day to arive!
for two years we cried, prayed, hoped and used enough medication to last me a lifetime.
At my last two apointments my Doctor informed me that our little baby was still very high and that he doubted he/she would arive on time.
On the 17 January I went for my last checkup. The doctor said the amniotic fluid was on the low side, so if I didn't go into labor by that Monday, 21 January 2013, he would induce labor. So the next couple of days were spent praying that I would get to skip the induction and go into spontanious labor.

My labor Started Sunday morning at 02:00, I was so grateful and excited that I wouldn't be getting an induction!. I got up, did the dishes, walked around the house and timed contractions till about 04:00. I woke up hubby and told him that I am in labor. He took a shower and then I took one as well, I look a much longer one though. At about 07:00 hubby said he is going to take a nap and I should wake him when we need to go to the hospital. At that time my contractions were about 5 min apart, but very mild.At 09:00 I decided to try and lie down for a while. I fell asleep and only woke again at about 10:30. I thaught that my labor had stopped and that it might have been a false alarm. I was quickly corrected in that assumtion. By this time my contractions were about 4 min apart. I woke hubby and told him that we needed to go to the hospital so they could check how far I had progressed.We got to the hospital at about 11:00.The nurse cheched hooked me to the monitors to check baba and confirmed that my contractions were indeed 4 min apart.She told me that she was going to do the internal, Wich I knew was going to be painful, But I was NOT prepared for the degree of pain. She really did not use any mercy! She caught me way off gaurd. I started to cry from the pain and she laughed, I thaught Hubby was going to kill her! He actually went off at her, and when she said sorry for hurting me, he told her that that wasn't the problem. The problem was her unproffetional behaviour for laughing at me.The internal revealed that I was 3cm dialaded and Anja was still very high. They told me that I couldn't go home as they didn't know how fast I would progress, and they needed to monitor me. So we booked in. They checked me again at 15:00, still 3cm and still 4 min apart.checked me again at 18:00, still 3cm and contractions had moved further apart. New shift of nurses came on duty and I thank God that I was blessed by a wonderful lady named Faith! She made such a difference. She cheked me again to inform the doctor of my progress and to enable them to decide what to do. I was still only 4cm and Anja was still very high. She phoned the doctor and he decided that as I was progressing so slowly, I would need to get some sleep, so she gave me a pethadine injection. They tried giving me Gas and air, but that just made me nausious, and they use a mask wich made me feel clusterfobic and made me panic. And I was off to some other wonderful planet where everything is perfect, only to be pulled back to reality with every contraction... I was really out of it from the pethadine.Faith checked my progress every now and then, not that much was happening. I know that I got another Pethadine shot somewhere during the night.At 04:00 she checked me again and I had suddenly progressed to 7cm from 4cm. The contractions were closer together and more intense as well. Hubby asked Faith what time she predicted for the birth. She said that she is guesing at about 06:30.Hubby asked if they could give me another shot of Pethadine as the contractions were getting really intence and the previous shot was wearing off. Faith suggested that we don't, because baby could come at any tine, and the drugs could be in her system. The next two hours were filled with very intense and frequent contractions. By 06:00 that morning I had progressed to 8cm and I was starting to feel the urge to push. I was yelling at them, saying that I am going to push and can't help it, Faith was yelling at me, to stop pushing as I was not fully dialated and could hurt baba. My gyni finally arived at 06:30. I yelled at him that I need to push. They did another internal and said that I was fully dialated and could push. Anja moved down beautifully, but due to the long strenuous labor I didn't have enough energy left over to push her out. The Doctor also said that I was not opening enough and was going to tear very badly. So he did an episiotomy and opted for a forceps delivery. Anja Erna Jordaan was born at 06:40 weighing 3.7kg and 54cm long.
Hubby Cut the cord and anounced the sex as we had decided to wait and not know the gender beforehand. A choice that I am happy we made. It really made it extra special for us and added to the excitement...
The most painful part of the entire experiance is the pain from the episiotomy stitches that I am experiancing now.I am very happy that I insisted on a vaginal birth without an epidural.It was an empowering experiance and I will deffinately go the same route next time. Hopefully being able to skip the episiotomy though!
Anja is an absulute joy in my life. I don't get a lot of sleep at the moment, as we are breastfeeding. She latches like a true champ. I had some trouble in the begining with cracked nipples, but that is now also someting of the past.I am somewhat emotional at the moment, but every time I hold her my heart just melts and I am filled with an undescibable thankfulness and Love for this little miricle that has entered our lives.

Me: 30
DH: 32
TTC: Since August 2010
Sept '11 50mg Fertomid: 1 Follicle BFN
Oct '11 50mg Fertomid: No follicles
Nov '11 100mg Fertomid: No Follicles
Dec '11 150mg Fertomid: No Follicles 46 day cycle
Feb '12 Femara and Glucophage: OV'ed BFN
March '12 Femara and Glucophage: OV'ed BFN
April '12 Femara and Glucophage: BFP!!!!
21 Jan 2013 Birth of my little girl, Anja.

Jan 2014: Informaly starting to try for nr 2. No Medication... Just enjoying the journey for now.

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9 years 4 months ago #233234 by anida.botha
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Hi All,

I see some of the ladies here has amazing birth stories, well mine isn't all that exciting.

With my second child I went in to labor three times before he was actually due to bladder infection.

My son was due on the 8th of August 2009. Early one morning in the beginning of June I woke up with contraction, now I first thought nope it must be "brixtons" so I phoned the ghyni he said to come in so he could see. I came to his office which is at the hospital fortunately, he took one look and sent me to the emergency room at the hospital, he said I was having contractions 5 min apart and they needed to stop it because it was way too early for my son to be born, his lung aren't developed enough yet. The put me on a drip and gave me something to stop the contractions. They put the heart rate monitor on to monitor the baby's heart beat and took my blood pressure every 30 min for 4 hours. I was so scared I couldn't stop crying and hubby had to work so he couldn't stay with me the whole time. After 4 hours the contractions stopped so the just kept the monitors on to see if the baby was doing fine. I have never prayed so hard in my entire life as I prayed that day. I fell a sleep and was woken up the following morning when they cam to tell me every thing is okay and that I would be moving to another ward where I would be monitored for a few days. After a week I was released from hospital but the Ghyni booked me off for two weeks after so I could get rest and not stress.

Every thing went back to normal for about a month then, late one Saturday night in July the same thing started so I decided to go directly to the emergency unit at the hospital where I was admitted previously. The moment I walked in to the emergency unit the nurse that monitored me the previous time looked at me with shock and said "oh no not again...this baby is not ready yet" I told her what happened and she started with the same process as before but this time she phoned the Ghyni and asked him is she can give me a "steroid injection" I was just horrified, never in my life have I taken any kind of drugs other then that prescribed by a GP and I wasn't about to let a nurse inject me with anything before I know exactly why. She got me on the monitors and as soon as the Ghyni got there I asked him about the "steroids" so he explained it is to in his own words "kick-start" the babies lungs so that if they can't stop the contractions the baby's lungs would at least have a bit op help starting to function. The scared me even more luckily the contractions stopped again but only after 12 hours and I only dilated 3 cm. I was again moved to observation for the next 5 days they monitored me, checking blood pressure, check the babies heart rate every hour to two hours. Finally they sent me home.

On the 2nd of August it was my fathers 60th birthday and we went to his dinner party...I even baked a cake for him. We left the party at 10:30 because I started feeling sick and tired. I got home took a bath and went to bed. A few hours later I woke up from contractions that was so painful I couldn't breath and with every contraction it felt like the baby was trying to kick off my ribs.

My DH carried me to the car and drove like crazy. We got to just after 6am the morning of the 3rd of August, my HD parked the car on the ambulance spot plucked me out of the car and carried me all the way to the emergency room, he didn't even give the nurse at information time to ask questions he just said "my baby boy wants out". The nurse help him get me on the bed and put all the machines on but I was already dilated 7cm she called the ghyni who was luckily doing rounds in one of the wards upstairs. She asked if I wanted an epidural...which I wanted so bad!!!
When the anesthesiologist arrived he and the Ghyni arrived at the same time, but before he could give me the epidural the doc informed me it was too late and that I was 9.5 cm and that baby was on his way. After what felt like pushing for ever my beautiful, healthy baby boy was born.

He weighed : 2.6Kg (which is big for me because I am very small built) Was 52cm tall and his ASPA 9 out of 10.

Till this day I feel have been blessed with both my children and will go through all the drama and pain again any-day just to hold my babies close and love them as they love me every day!

*PS: thank you ladies for all the stories, its so nice to know we woman can share this amazing experience with some one out there who actually cares. I hope you all will be blessed as I have been with my two children.

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9 years 4 months ago #233228 by anelda.snyman
Hi Ladies,

Okay I have two little ones but I feel my first was the most memorable of the two however they don't seem nearly as exciting as most of the stories I have read.

My First born on 25 April 2008.

We live in Pretoria and at that time we lived on a plot in the kameeldrift-east area, now crime is a big problem there and my baby girl was supposed to arrive on the 8th of May but on the the night of the 24th of April at about 11:45pm I woke up to noises outside now just a few nights earlier there was an attempted break in at our neighbors house so...I woke up, woke hubby who went to get his brother the checked the yard...the doors and everything but nothing...they couldn't find the noises I heard. about 30 minutes later I started feeling contractions. I woke up hubby who was not a happy camper at all. He said to wait a bit and see if it doesn't go away. I started timing my contraction @ 1:15 it was 5 minutes apart so I woke him up again and said "we have to go NOW". We got up told his brother and went to hospital which is about 20 minutes drive if you don't drive like hubby did... we got to the hospital at about 1:30 but really not sure.

when we got to the hospital the nurse checked and said the baby is on the way and I am 2 cm already...they got me on to a bed and started the machines up monitoring baby's heart beat ect...then for 10 hours my contractions kept coming 5 minutes apart but nothing more just contractions...the doc came a few times and every time he just said, just keep going your doing good, the he came in at 11:30am he came in again and said if I don't start dilating again soon we will have to start thinking of a c-section, which I did not want at all.

The nurse got me up and we walked she said it would help. We walked for 2 hours non stop while hubby paced the room...finally she let me sit on the bed and checked again...I have dilated to 5 cm...but the pain was unbearable. She called the doc who said we can have a epidural which might help. we waited another hour and 30 minutes for the epidural to be put in place.

The pain was less but the waiting was killing me I just couldn't wait any longer I wanted to hold my baby and I wanted her now, but I just had to. The doc came in again at 16:00 and said am am now at 8cm. I felt like it was the end of the world, he said if it goes to 17 hours he will not wait for me to make the decision he will do a c-section. I started begging my baby to come out.
At 16:30 the doc came back ready for c-section luckily when he checked I was at 9cm. He gave me 10 minutes and came back to check again...I was finally 10cm. He said to start pushing I did but was so tired hubby had to help...finally he asked hubby to have a the head is about to come out...he grabbed the scalpel and cut just a cm or 2 so the head could come out easier. Then he said just one more hard push and you can hold her so I pushed for all I was worth... all I remember after that is tears streaming down my face...they gave her to me to hold and I was so happy I would go through that 17 hours again any day.

Finally she was born at 18:30 on the 25th of April 2008 on a long weekend. her Aspa 9/10 both times.

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I woke up at 12am on Sunday morning with weird cramping, nothing I have felt before. It didn’t feel like period cramps like every else says.
I wasn’t really sure if it were true labour or just “practice contractions”. My husband was still up watching TV so I told him about the pains I’m having and we started timing them. They were about 10 mins apart lasting only about 25-30 seconds. They weren’t very sore at all.
I phoned the hospital and they suggested I take a warm bath and if it gets stronger to come in.
So we packed the car and took a slow drive to the hospital (50km away)
When we arrived at the hospital the nurse put me in a room and put some monitors on me and she said I was having a lot more contractions than I thought. The pain still wasn’t so bad. She said I must let her know if I want an epidural (the nurse said it was never too late to have an epidural, which I thought was a bit strange but I believed her) . She did a quick internal and I was already 5CM dilated!!! We were shocked.
About an hour later I decided to ask for the epidural, the pain was still not too bad but was def getting worse. By this time my water still hadn’t broken. They then wheeled me into the delivery room and did another internal, by then I was almost fully dilated!!!! The nurse looked at me and said “it’s a bit too late for the epidural” I WANTED TO KILL!
She started rushing around getting everything together for the birth. I started getting the urge to push. She looked very worried because the doctor wasn’t there yet.
When the doctor arrived (which wasn’t even my original doctor My GYNE had weekend off!! JA! ) I was in such a lot of pain. After they broke my water i was screaming from the pain! The contractions were so intense. I was sucking on the “laughing gas” which was not very funny at all! Did NOTHING for me! And BREATHING DOES NOT HELP!
After 45 min of pushing they decided to push me into theatre for an emergency c sec as baby wasn’t coming down, the cord was wrapped around her neck which we only found out when she was born.
Got my epidural WHOOOO HOOOO!!! It was HEAVEN!!! Doc tried one for time to get her out with a suction device and out she popped! Vaginal Delivery in theatre ( have you ever) Ava de Lange was born at 8:06 weighing 3050KG and 49cm 
She did not cry at all, and took a long time to breathe. The paed took her away for a while and only got the see her for a second in the theatre. But an hour later I had her in my arms and her apgar score went from 5 to 6 to 9/10.
I struggled a bit with her latching, but after a week we had it! The nurses at Blaawberg Hospital were so supportive and helped so much.
I think the scariest moment was leaving the hospital, knowing we were on our own now.
Ava is now a happy, healthy almost 6 month old, beautiful baby girl and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

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EDD: 15 August 2011
Birth date: 19 August 2011
Time: 12:10pm
Weight: 3.19kg
Length: 50cm

Induction ending in Emergency Cesarean due to fetal distress and failure to progress.

I thought I would share the birth story of my first, even though she was born last year already. I still think back very fondly of the day of her birth as nothing can ever compare in your life to the feeling of hearing, seeing and holding your little one for the first time on this special day that they are born.

My next one is due on the 26ht of March 2013 and I would like to come and share his story too then.

I was due on Monday 15 August 2011, but our little girl was just to comfortable in mommy's tummy... I bounced around on my birthing ball, went for a walk with the dog every day, went out for a curry, did the BD a good couple of times, but no signs of labour, not even regular braxton hix!

My induction was to be booked on the following Monday, the 22nd of August but since that was my birthday doctor said that we could do the induction on Friday the 19th instead at 4am. I was glad that I knew for certain now that by Friday I would be holding my little baby in my arms.

We checked into Sunninghill hospital at 10pm the Thursday night, filled in all the paperwork & I was booked into a normal room. We had requested a private room but there were none available at the time. The nurse hooked me up onto a doppler monitor and took my blood pressure. She asked me if I had always had high blood pressure during my pregnancy. This was very strange because my blood pressure had always been perfect from day one. She listened to baby's heartbeat and picked up a strange beat on it, almost as if the baby's heart was skipping a beat or faltering a bit every now and then. Dad & I could also hear it clearly. Nurse wasn't happy and said she was just going to phone Dr H to see if he still wanted them to go ahead with the induction. She came back and said Dr confirmed that it was okay. Dad kissed me goodbye & promised to be back first thing in the morning. They gave me sleeping pill as I was stressed and excited & they said I needed to be well rested for the next day.

At 4am I felt very groggy when a nurse came in to do the induction, the nurse did an internal, and proceeded to insert he gel. Almost immediately I could feel contractions starting. Dad was there at 5am. One of the other gynecologists that checked in on the patient I was sharing a room with came and checked on me and commented on how great my contractions were. Baby's heart rate was happy and healthy. Shortly after a nurse came and administered and enema which was not half as bad as I was expecting. They brought me breakfast around 6am I think, I don't even remember what I ate but after 30 minutes I threw everything up anyway.

We managed to get a private room then and I moved to my relief. I was allowed to walk around freely and hop around on my birthing ball. After several hours, probably just before 11AM I was taken through to the labour ward. A nurse did an internal again and said my cervix was very soft and moving forward but I was not dilating. They did a second lot of gel and I could feel my contractions were very strong now. I was in a lot of pain & when asked if I would consider having an epidural I said yes, I think they just wanted to give the anesthetist a heads-up so long as it was way too early progress wise. After about an 45 minutes the nurse noticed that there were decelerations showing on the baby monitor...and went to call the doctor. He came in and did an internal and showed me how much I was dilated - the width of his ring finger. He said he was sorry but that we would need to do an emergency cesarean. I was very disappointed and asked him if there was nothing we could do? He said if I had dilated he could have at least tried to pull baby out but unfortunately this was the only option or we could carry on this way and very well lose baby. Nope, I definitely didn't want that. I consented to having a cesarean. Immediately I was put on a drip to stop the contractions and I was given oxygen. All this time Dad was holding my hand and I was crying. This was all too much for me now & I couldn't hold it together.

They pushed me into the theater and asked Dad to go and 'scrub up'. In the meantime the anesthetist started inserting the spinal block - which I remember was incredibly sore! Dad came in just as he was finishing up, I looked up at him with his silly blue scrubs and silly blue net on his head and told him he looked ridiculous. I was quite upset. I was told to lie down quickly on the operating table. The staff - nurses, anethetist, my gynea, were incredible and supportive, checking that I was okay all the time.

I felt a lot of tugging and pushing at my tummy but I felt no pain. The one assistant doctor (I think?) asked if I would like to see when baby came out. I was very reluctant, I really didn't want to look up and see myself cut open. She said it was nothing to worry about, she would tell me when baby came out. One nurse pushed down very hard on my abdomen and doctor pulled baby's head out. They told me to look and the anesthetist helped my head up so I could see her come out and it was so surreal! Now I was crying with joy and not fear and disappointment anymore. Doctor showed her to me and I asked "Why isn't she crying?" and someone said, either the doctor or anesthetist, that she doesn't have to cry. It was 12:10PM. They took her probably about 5 steps away and I kept looking to try and see her and she started screaming! :-) What a healthy set of lungs. Dad was standing with her all the time & cut the umbilical cord. The pediatrician checked her, weighed her, and then immediately came and put her on my chest. She was not away from me for more than I would guess 5 minutes. I stared at her in awe. They stitched me up - I still remember on of the girls saying "Look at how flat your tummy is!" :laugh: - and transferred me to another bed so they could wheel me out.

One of the nurses took a family picture of the three of us there in the theater. They opened up my gown and unwrapped her and put her naked on my chest and she immediately latched and started breastfeeding. As we were wheeled out of the labour ward the first person to see us was Dad's Mom. No one else was there yet. She teared up and I teared up and it was just this special moment...but they were trying to get me to the maternity ward quite quickly and before we disappeared through the doors she asked "What is her name?" We had kept the name a secret throughout the pregnancy. Dad beamed at her and said "Isabella". The doors closed. I don't think I have ever ever seen Dad glowing like he did that day!

They left her with me for probably an hour or so and until I was ready and finished feeding and then they took her to the nursery with dad in tow to do a check on her.

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Hi girls

I am working on posting all the birth stories as articles as well. It's so nice to read them all again! We have some amazing stories and I think sometimes it gets forgotten.

I am also going to try and get this thread more noticed. It's a bit hidden here.

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