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5 years 11 months ago #248422 by StellaK
It all started Monday night as we went to bed. I had a terrible night going to the loo every half an hour and having the most terrible lower back pain. During the night I still had no suspicion that this was already the start of my labour. The morning by the time hubby had to go to work I did not sleep at all and was exhausted. I still intended to go to work even if it would just be for an hour.
So by the time I had to get dressed for work, going to the bathroom a had a bloody discharge. Right there I decided against going to work, as this was the very first time that I had a bloody discharge. I thought it was the mucus plug, but still didn’t really thing I was in labour.
By 9:00 I managed to fall asleep for the first time and managed to sleep for 2 hours.
For the next 2 hours I was on my knees hanging over my gym ball with a warm bean bag on my lower back. Only getting up going to the loo and warming the bean back. All the time listening to my relaxation CD and other calm music.
By 12:30 I decided to take a shower hoping that the warm water will help for the back pain. It did help so I was just standing in the shower with the water falling in my back.
13:00 – still in the shower – my waters broke. It just looked like a small bit of pee, and I just thought that’s strange as I am definitely not peeing. Then another little bit came out and by the 3rd bit coming out, I thought that it must be the waters as it really cannot be something else.
Out of the shower, phone hubby and said this is really happening. He was in a very important meeting and his response was: how urgent is it? Would I mind if he just finish the meeting before he comes?
I said that he should then just wrap up the meeting and coma as soon as he can. He also wanted to know if I am having contractions and I said I don’t think so.
I imagined contractions much different than what I was experiencing and later that evening I only realised that yes it was contractions that caused my back pain.
Then it was just back to the gym ball and the bean bag and the relaxing music. Now I also started with the surge breathing and focussing on being relaxed.
By 15:00 things were getting more intense and I called hubby again to say he should come right now. Hubby got home at 15:30, I told him to get some coffee and have something to eat as we don’t know how long it will take. While eating he timed my surges and it was 5 minute apart. After the 4th one and all of them 5 minutes apart he said its time to go to the hospital.
All this time I was exceptionally calm and just continued with the surge breathing.
We arrived at hospital 16:00 and after all the basic examinations and admission admin the midwife came for the first internal examination. At 16:30 I was 3cm dilated.
I quickly realised that standing upright was the least painful, so the rest of the evening I was standing or leaning on the trolley.
Hubby stepped in and started massaging my back and talking me through every surge and when I’m not breathing properly, he talked me through that as well. We listened to the relaxation CD and affirmations and other relaxing music the whole time.
18:00 was the next exam and I was almost 5 cm. at this point the midwife tried very hard to convince me to do the epidural. After her 3rd attempt I (not so politely) asked her not to ask again as I do not want an epidural or anything.
Somewhere in the next 2 hours I spent a lot of time in the shower after I got very nauseous.
The warm water of the shower helped a lot.
The staff changed and the night midwife irritated the crap out of me. She was pushy and very procedure orientated. So I made a decision to completely block her out. From there on, I only focussed on hubby and only listened to what he said.
20:00 I was 9cm dilated and the dr was on her way. Another 15 min of surges before I started feeling his head and I knew it was now time for the birth breathing. The surges started to feel different and I managed the birth breathing very well. The midwife wanted me to push and was putting up a racket every time I did the birth breathing instead of pushing. I just ignored her completely.
The dr arrived 20:30 and quickly got ready. With the dr rushing in and baby just wanting to come, I lost a little focus and ended up pushing him out. Only took 3 pushes and Gerhard was born 20:55.
He was 3.7kg and 50cm.
This was such a beautiful and amazing experience

me 35, DH 39

TTC #1 since Oct 2012
March 2013 BFP, May 2013 MC at 10 weeks (Blighted Ovum)
6 Aug 2013 BFP, Gerhard gebore 8 April 2014
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#2 BFP 3 Jan, Franswa gebore 8 Aug 2015
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#3 TTC from Apr 2018
MC Oct 2018
BFP 23 Nov 2018
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5 years 11 months ago #248425 by Huggles
Replied by Huggles on topic my amazing hypnobirthing experience
Congratulations! And what a wonderful birth story!
So annoying that the nurses kept trying to force you to comply to their wishes. Makes me realise even more just how lucky i was with the nurse/midwife i got on duty. Well done!

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5 years 11 months ago #248426 by Bea
Dis wonderlik Stella! So bly dat jou geboorteplan uitgewerk het xxx

ME: 40 - stage 4 endo, left tube removed
DH: 42

4x laparoscopies
5x hysteroscopies
4x IUI - BFN
Planning our next step: donor eggs, adoption or living happily ever after with an only child

May 2016: Lucky nr 13 IVF (own eggs) - BFP! First beta 253, second beta 1100.
First and second ultrasound: one perfect little heartbeat.
10 week scan: identical twins in one sac!!

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5 years 11 months ago #248428 by minki.vandriel
Wow, Stella! Well done!! Ek is so bly jy het so great ervaring gehad! SUPER mom!! :rock:

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5 years 11 months ago #248432 by Antz08
Such a wonderful experience Stella! Congrats! :heart: :heart:

It just goes to show if you are determined to have a completely natural birth then you can!

I too had two completely natural births at Femina Hospital... They are truly wonderful and not pushy or procedure-orientated at all!

Me: 33
DH: 34
Married: September 2009 - 5 glorious years with my best friend!

First Darling Daughter: July 2010
Second Darling Daughter: January 2013

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5 years 11 months ago #248433 by Karmie
Baie geluk met die geboorte van jou seuntjie, dis so kosbaar! Dit is wonderlik om van jou ervaring te lees, welgedaan :heart:

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[link=http://lilypie.com] [/link]

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5 years 11 months ago #248445 by Marindasn
Wow! Klink na n wonderlike ervaring! Baie geluk. X

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