8 years 1 month ago #244533 by gloeiwurmpie
Huggles, I am going to go and look for the Nature fresh brand - I haven't seen it before. Thank you!

Joy P: How does she respond to humor? Once you have sorted out the burning toothpaste (don't know why they make it so minty?)...:)
How about having a bit of role play with a sock puppet that absolutely refuses to brush teeth? Garanteed to bring out some laughs if you do a good perfermance! You can take turns to be the stubborn sock puppet, that way she can experience both roles, the one being stubborn (that one she knows) and the one where she has to brush the stubborn sock puppet's teeth. I have had major success with this role playing exercise because it often gives a child a chance to speak (as the sock puppet) to what is at the heart of the problem.

Perhaps she could be allowed to have a nice tasting Chewable vitamin (that is sugar free) after she has brushed her teeth? Don't k now if she loves those vitamins like my LG does?

Please let us know how it goes! I know that these battles can take a lot out of you. We have had uphill with picking up toys at the end of the day...something we struggle with!

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8 years 1 month ago #244525 by Huggles
We use Nature Fresh strawberry flavoured toothpaste. No burn at all. My son keeps asking for more more more!
You can normally find it at health shops and I'm fairly sure dischem would stock it.

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8 years 1 month ago #244520 by gloeiwurmpie
Hi JoyP,

Not sure if it was you that posted on a previous "toothpaste thread"?

We also had a bit of a struggle when my LG was between 2 - 3 years old.
She complained too about the strong taste and that it burns her mouth.
I don't think that their complaints are unfounded and I do believe that some children are more sensitive when it comes to certain tastes.

In the end we settled on the expensive Elgydium berry flavoured one. It lasts a long time and has absolutely no burning. You can get it at Dischem stores.

Perhaps try making a homemade one with coconut oil. There are numerous recipe online.

If it truly does burn her I wouldn't punish her at all if I were you. Perhaps think of a distraction while brushing, like in front of her favourite story?

Have you asked her what will make it easier for her to brush? I am amazed at what solutions my 4 year old comes up with if I ask her this question!

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8 years 1 month ago #244516 by JoyP
Thiyara refuses to brush her teeth in the mornings. She claims the toothpaste is to 'strong' and it burns her mouth. Ive been through all the Aquafresh milk teeth little teeth n big teeth toothpaste, Hello Kitty n Barbie and we have also tried the girly character toothbrushed... No Luck.... :(

I have begged n pleaded n even played games, threats falls on deaf ears.

This morning I punished her. Sent her to school without having cereal because she refused to brush her teeth.
I have also banned her from eating anything sweet or drinking juice until she begins to brush and have a better oral hygiene routine. Im at my wits end.

Hubby n I are paranoid bout oral hygiene and this is a huge no-no in our household.

Any ideas or methods to improve/promote brushing?


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