file Could i be pregnant? Again???

3 weeks 4 days ago #281054 by kirstenw23
For me, there is a slim possibility that you will be pregnant again. The odds is almost as same as when you hit the jackpot in a Slots Game . But whatever happens, I hope that you will still be a great parent with your current son and May you will be bless with your family.

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7 months 1 week ago #281041 by HoPe2
Hi all. Im back. I was struggling to conceive and was blessed to fall preg in 2019. Healthy baby girl was born in Feb 2020. So in Nov of 2020 i had the Depo 3 month shot. What a rollercoaster!! Never again! 
Anyway, so now 4 months from my 1 and only depo shot i had what i assume was my first proper period. My usual flow, usual length with normal accompanying symptoms. I have been 28 days since i was 13 years old. Along comes CD 10 and i spot very lightly for max 3 days. I assume ovulation. Roll around day of expected period and nothing. I am possibly now 5 days late. OH and i did have unprotected sex as i figured it was after my "ovulation spotting" . Neg preg test on what should have been CD2. 
Any ladies got any insight into post depo side effects or could i maybe be pregnant again???

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