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6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #261810 by momma to be
Hi mommies all...

I have been implant nexplanon already a year ago. It work brilliant. But all of sudden last month i was very nausea and sometime ran to bathroom to threw up and even took 3 HPT and all are negative. So i looked up what nexplanon affect and didnt say about nausea but i had a bad headache.

Even though i dont have my period since i got implant. So ja i didnt have period for almost 11 months....

Please can you help me? Because implant is not 99.9% safe to get pregnant.

I feel so confuse :(

I read some comment one lady fell pregnant and she was already 3 months and even her implant in her arm and she didnt feel any symptom.... eish

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Child is a gift from God..

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