file Themes of good and evil and your toddler?

8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #219355 by gloeiwurmpie
I Antjie,

Hope you are well!

I have a 2,7 year old girl and she is rather sensitive in nature.

We started looking at children's movies for her and looked at the old classics of Walt disney. She absolutely loved sleeping beauty and well anything with a princess in it.
The only problem is that she became tense when the "villian" or antagonist entered the story. We looked at all the wallt disney movies (classics) and noticed that all of them had a rather dark or scary side. My sister got her a very beautiful storybook with all the children's classics like rapunzel etc. All those stories have great tension between good and evil.

Now I realise that good and evil is part of life and children should be exposed to it, but my question is when is an appropriate time? When is a child ready to be exposed to hard truths like death (bambi, finding nemo etc) and evil characters?

I started reading her bible stories and I picked up that even the children's bible stories are way too scary?

The other problem I have with barbie and walt disney princess characters is that I feel they create an idea that women are only meant to be pretty on the outside and sit and wait for her princess to arive and end of story and she is happy for the resto of her life. The whole idea behind all these stories goes against the grain of all our values and belief system. I wish I could ban it from our house, but I realise that I might be fighting a losing battle here.

I would love to hear what other moms think about the topic as well?
What do you let your 2 year old watch?

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8 years 1 month ago #219361 by Spirited Mama
Hey GW

Long time. DH & I also noticed this pattern in Joshua, 2yr4m. We picked it up before he was even a year as we watched the Prince of Egypt and before the seen where the babies are killed he screamed/ and went balistic. He'd never seen that movie before but he knew what was happening.
Then we realised that this child senses these things. We picked it up later with Brother Bear, he doesn't like the spiritual scene.

Not sure what to make of it. We read stories from his bible and he keeps pointing to the picture where Jesus is being crucified. And he keeps reminding me that the ladies in the picture are crying then proceeds to get the Prince of Egypt and say - baby cry, baby eina???

The other thing that I've noticed is that Joshua picks up on vibes even before we do. If I can call it that. You know that feeling you get when you're around certain people/visiting someones home - he makes damn sure that we know that he is not comfortable being there.

That being said, I trust my child an dI trust my instinct. So if he's not happy we'e not sticking around.

Would love to see Antjie response.

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8 years 1 month ago #219370 by Aunty Carrie
Hi ladies.

Young children (and some dogs ;) ) have a sixth sense, so to speak, about some things.
Unfortunately it disappears as they get older. But while they still have it - trust it.
If your child doesn't like some one, chances are you shouldn't either.

I don't have a 2 yr old to compare to, but I had a dog that was fine with people after I had let them in my house and she was used to them. However, she never liked my cousins husband (now ex). She would be running around normally and as soon as she got to him she would freeze and growl before moving on. I always knew that if she was ok with someone, then I could be too.

Children know a lot more than we give them credit for. There cognitive development has not progressed to logic and reason yet, so they go by feelings.
I think its best to just be there for them during these "scary" times (movies, books, etc) as they probably already know, to some degree, whats happening.

Anyway, thats just my 2 cents. As a mother you also have your own sixth sense when it comes to your child. Just do what feels right for you and everything should be fine :-)

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8 years 1 month ago #219389 by Moomie Admin
I personally don't like the Disney movies. I also bought a few and I don't put it on for my toddler. That being said, she doesn't even like the pig on "Ghoempie", because he scares her. I - and this again is purely personal opinion- don't think it's appropriate to let children that young watch violent or scary movies. WHY??? Why would you imprint images into your child's head that is not needed? Why would you give images to your child to dream about? Even I got a big scared at that massive snake in Aladdin.

Overall I don't allow excessive violence on TV in our house. I was a newspaper crime journalist for six years and feel that I saw enough real-life violence and sick behaviour. It's unnecessary to feed your brain with it at your own house as well.

I also don't allow ANY demonic or ghost movies. I don't want it in my house and I don't want that energy in my house.

I want my child to feel safe. I want my child to feel sure of herself and not get bad dreams. At least in our house.

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8 years 1 month ago #219412 by gloeiwurmpie
Thanks ladies for all the responses. I am glad to hear that some ladies think along the same lines as I do. My husband at first disagreed with me and said that there is evil in life and she has to learn sooner or later that it exists. He reckoned that the walt disney classics were not scary and that all children stories have a good vs bad side. When he saw that she enjoyed Winnie the pooh so much more he realised that the walt disney classics were too advanced for her.

What about classic children's stories? Even bible stories, when did you start reading books with a clear good/evil theme or scary events?

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8 years 1 month ago #219456 by Hasie.
Personally, I feel the same about Disney movies. Even the Lion King has got some very scary moments in it. I don't think at this age kids can distinguish between fantasy and reality, so I think maybe when they get a bit older we might start with the movies.

For now, its Lollos, Jan de Wet and Ghoempie. Even the wolf from Ghoempie's three piglets story scared him once or twice...

For boys, I can recommend Cars, its seems to have less scary stuff in it.

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8 years 1 month ago #219458 by Trudie
My little girl is also super sensitive, she is almost 4 and she still get's scared of things. I agree that we should not fill their heads with junk at this age, life is hard and cruel and yes, they should learn at some point, but let them be children while they can!

I also had a issue with the Bible stories in children's bibles. They were not Child friendly at all in my opinion. That is why a friend and myself decided to write our own! At this stage only available in Afrikaans, but if you would like a pack on Jona please let me know, send me your email addy and I will email one off to you. I want my child to learn of a God that is loving and caring, not all the other cruel things that is depicted in Children's Bibles.

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