file Am I normal or just in need of medication?

8 years 6 months ago #200356 by Juno
Charlotte I agree totally – try and get your back sorted as soon as you can! It is well known that chronic pain can cause depression and I am quite certain this is contributing what you're experiencing. There is nothing worse than constantly being aware of your pain no matter what position you assume. It's just awful. I think most people underestimate/are not aware of the role that psychology plays in injuries of this nature.

I also have a back problem which became so chronic earlier on this year that I eventually saw an orthopaedic surgeon. Part of the visit is a pain profile that they do as it is an important part of the overall treatment of the problem so they will be able to get an immediate indication as to the state of your mind.

I was told that according to my pain profile I was showing early signs of depression and they were correct I just didn’t really put it together. Now that I have it under control I am so much happier – and SO relieved. At last I can bend down and put my child in his cot without having to brace myself for the pain!

I also know that I will have relapses but know what to do when it happens. Do you also take an anti-inflammatory? That will at least give you some relief if you don’t like taking painkillers. I always keep a box of them around.

I can't encourage you more to try and sort it asap and hope you are able to make a plan..

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8 years 6 months ago #202894 by Stilettomum
So last night I took Amandalynn to the doctor (she is on my mothers medical aid) because she did not sleep the night before, her fever kept spiking and she had a horrible cough. She has and ear infection. He gave her meds and in total it was R664 – luckily the medical aid covered it at the pharmacy. Who has that type of cash lying around a week before pay day?

Okay that not the point…

Moving on so as I walk in he looked at me and commented on my weight.

It was something in the line of: Would you benefit if I send a sms to SABC to help Somalia – because that is all I can think about when I see how thin you are. I laughed so hard I think I pee’d a bit.

So before he looked at Amandalynn he talk to me about my weight and my moods and decided that he feel that I would benefit from a mood stabilizer and it would help with my weight.

He knows I’m currently not on medical aid so he offered to help out without me even trying.

Just a note I look good now. In Feb my weight was 42kg I’m now up to 47.7kg.

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