Your first trimester of pregnancy

Waiting for your tummy to start showing and dealing with all the new sensations of your body are all part of your first trimester when pregnant.

Isn’t it confusing that you could be four weeks pregnant when you literally just found out?

Because technically, the first two weeks doesn’t exist! It’s because the length of gestation is calculated from the first day of your last cycle, so your menstrual cycle is included in this. (You can try our fertility calculator to work out your fertile days when conceiving).

Whilst the first trimester is usually the least enjoyable of the trimesters, be it because of morning sickness, breast tenderness, extreme fatigue, cramping, or even just the stress of potential miscarriage, the first trimester is by far the most significant in terms of development and changes for both mother and baby.

Limbs and internal organs form

By the end of the first trimester the placenta is formed and is supporting the baby nutritionally, your baby’s limbs and internal organs are fully formed and the external sex organs are usually developed enough to determine the sex of the baby. By 12 weeks your baby will be about 4 inches long and weighing a little over an ounce. Your baby is moving a lot at this stage although it may be a while before you actually feel it! You may have started to gain weight too and your clothing may become tighter, it’s important to wear clothing that is comfortable.

Miscarriage risk reduced

For mom, reaching the end of the first trimester is a huge milestone. The risk of miscarriage is dramatically reduced, and you may have your first ultrasound, which makes everything feel so real! Many moms feel more confident telling people about their pregnancy once they have reached the 12 week mark, and if your symptoms have improved at the same time you may finally feel like you can actually enjoy being pregnant! – Kim Young



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