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Grade 1 - 2014 was created by JoyP
Good Morning All.

PLEASE do not take offence to what I am about to enquire...

My son starts Grade 1 in 2014, we are currently busy with the completion of all admission forms and and and......

Are there any Johannesburg(West Rand) moms who have kid/s at the following schools as these are the ones we are applying at: Weltevreden Primary, Constantia Kloof Primary and Panorama Primary.
I would appreciate some feedback from those who have kids there..... Both negative n positive feedback.

The 4th one we looking at is Welridge Academy. This is a Christian based school also on the West Rand BUT my question is this: How would this impact on my son as we are Hindu's and currently both my kids are at a Christian based nursery school and on Friday mornings they sing Christian songs(not sure for how long), but my son hates it.
So on Friday mornings its a challenge to get him dressed and ready for school due to singing.
I wouldn't want my son to become a 'school-hater' due to this, BUT I also don't want to deprive him of a good education.

Can anyone please shed some light on how intense the biblical studies are, and if there are any.

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