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7 years 5 months ago #227325 by milou
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Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a while but I'd really like to hear opinions on this: My daughter is nearly seven and has been raised without TV. My husband and I are having a difference in opinion now - I wanted the daughter to be TV free until she started school for various reasons - she does watch dvds on the weekends and during holidays but otherwise she plays and amuses herself and we chat and it's been great. She's halfway through grade 1 now and starting to realise that this No-TV thing is not the norm and I am thinking I'd maybe like to watch the Olympics! :whistle: Husband is not keen though as he thinks we'll all end up lounging in front of the TV and essentially undo all the good we've done not having it. I'm not overly concerned either way really but I am concerned that the daughter may start feeling hard done by.

Any thoughts?

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7 years 5 months ago #227330 by gloeiwurmpie
Replied by gloeiwurmpie on topic TV
Hi Milou,

Wow, I am totally surprised to hear that there are other people except Amish folk who consider not having SABC/DSTV! :woohoo:
I thought we were the only weird ones allergic to TV. My husband and I agreed that we would not consider getting TV untill we think that she is being excluded socially for not being able to talk about the latest cool program.

She is currently 3 years old and we get age appropriate shows on dvd for her. My LG saw snippets of the olympics on a TV in a shop the other day and she loved it!

I really don't know what I would do in your shoes since I would be happy to never have TV in my house but I realise that this might have a negative effect on my child's social life. I also know how easy it is to get sucked in watching some stupid program.

Good luck with your decision, it is a tough one!

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