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7 years 2 weeks ago #231421 by Blompotjie
Replied by Blompotjie on topic Fear to wash hair
Hi, just want to give some feedback.

As you know, my boy not only got a fear to wash his hair but also to bath, due to fair of washing hair.

Instead of being impatiened with him and sort cross, I decided to sort of ignore his crying when it comes to bath time, but in a friendly manner, letting him understand that I am going to make it as fun and easy as possible and smiling at him, that seemed to calm him down and the bathing started to go smoother. I also tell him if I am going to wash his hair and if not.

He offcourse still refuses and screams the roof off when I wash his hair, but I don't get angry anymore, I just calmly tell him that it is almost over. So hopefully it will get better soon. :heart:

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7 years 2 weeks ago #231422 by gloeiwurmpie
Replied by gloeiwurmpie on topic Fear to wash hair
Blompotjie, what a brilliant solution. I think in the end I started doing exactly what you described. I detached myself emotionally from the situation, tried to make it as fun as possible and offer distraction if possible but still got the job done as quickly as possible. Afterwards we would spend some time together to confirm and restore the bond.

Great strategy. I hope it will pass soon.

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7 years 2 weeks ago #231481 by Charmi
Replied by Charmi on topic Fear to wash hair
Hi everyone,

Blompotjie - I have exactly the same issue with my daughter (she's now 2 yrs, 9 mnths)... To make things worse - she has extremely curly hair, that I havent cut since the day she was born. Of course it looks gorgeous.. but I think the washing & getting the shampoo out - is not as bad as her fearing the actual "brushing" afterwards to get the knots& tangles out. ... What I did is out of desperation I got in the bath with her.. then started washing my hair. I asked her to help me which she immediately did (getting soap in my eyes and nostrils etc - but at least she was "helping mommy wash wash hair").. Then when it was time to rinse - I let her do it.. and when we finished.. she started "Washing" her hair on her own... and then to my surprise asked me to help her! Ha ha

But it only works sometimes... I agree with everyone - maybe its just a phase... they have to grow out of it at some point!

Good luck!

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