Three types of household chores to avoid when pregnant

Although a lot of people feel general housework isn’t something a pregnant woman should avoid, there is a few reasons why certain types of housework should be avoided when you are pregnant.

General cleaning

Cleaning agents are loaded with harsh chemicals which could cause allergic reactions. Sometimes a pregnant woman experiences a more sensitive skin and therefore the skin reacts to even the most common type of chemical.

Cleaning of litter

Do try to avoid cleaning out litter when you are pregnant. Cats tend to carry a type of parasite which could be transferred to you while cleaning their litter. This could lead to infection, which can be dangerous to you and your unborn baby.

Moving heavy weights

Moving a heavy couch or a wooden shelf can often cause the strain on your back to worsen. Your larger belly tends to stress your back and by moving heavy objects around the house, you can cause acute pain.