Talk to your children about sex

Talking to your kids about sex may not be easy, but it’s important and it’s never too early to start. You can make a big difference in helping them stay healthy and make good choices when they grow up.


It can be hard to know where to start, especially if your parents did not talk to you about sex when you were growing up. The following tips may help:

– Talk early and often. You do not have to fit everything into one conversation.

– Be ready to answer questions. Children’s questions can tell you a lot about what they already know.

– Listen carefully, even if you do not agree with your child’s opinion.

– Try using things that appear on TV or in music to start a conversation.

– Be honest about how you feel. For example, if you are shy or uncomfortable, it is good to say so.

– Tell your children that puberty is a normal part of growing up.

– Share facts to help them understand their changing bodies and feelings.

– Talk about your own experiences when you grew up.

– Talk about opposite sex and same-sex relationships.

– Talk to your teen about preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

– Talk to your teen about the options of contraception on the market.


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