Surviving the third trimester

Many moms – rookies to veterans – will agree that the third trimester of pregnancy is probably the longest. By now you’ve survived morning sickness (a close second for toughest pregnancy experience), being told that you glow more than a firefly, and are quickly discovering how much pregnant women really pee. Here are some things you can do to ease the time spent waiting for your bundle to arrive.


If there was ever a time to pamper yourself…

This is a great time to get your hair done or go for a pregnancy massage. You’ll enjoy manicures and pedicures and let’s be honest, after hanging in there this long you’ve really earned it. Take advantage of this time to do all those pampering activities you’re usually too busy for. Aside from helping to keep you relaxed for the last while of pregnancy – which also benefits baby – some pampering can also help ease the aches and pain of pregnancy, of which the third trimester has more than its fair share.

Food and fluids

Eating healthy during the final leg will help keep your energy and spirits up. Maintaining a balanced diet will also benefit your baby. Part of this may very well be obeying those pregnancy cravings. Some experts in fact suggest that pregnancy cravings are your body’s way of asking for nutrients it’s short on. So as long as you’re not eating foods you should avoid during pregnancy like raw meats and excessive caffeine, go right ahead and give your body what it’s asking for.

Also remember to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water but also feel free to switch it up with juices, soda water, fresh fruits, or smoothies. Remember that you’re sweating and urinating much more than usual (not that you’re likely to forget, but still) so make sure you take in enough fluids to stay hydrated.

Nest away

This can be one of the great joys of the third trimester. You’ve reached the point in your pregnancy where the end is in sight and those final preparations for your baby’s arrival will, rightly so, feel like a great accomplishment. You can also prepare the ground for you and your partner by doing some meal prep. Cooking some good, healthy foods to freeze and store for after birth is a good way to ensure that you’ll keep up the healthy eating once your little one arrives and turns the house upside down.

Quality time

In a lot of ways, the third trimester represents a calm before the storm. A good storm but a storm, nonetheless. Take the extra time on your hands now to make some memories with your partner and if you have other kids, with them too. Spending some quality time with your older kids also gives you further opportunity to help prepare them for their new sibling.

While the third trimester can be physically tough and the wait for your new child emotionally exhausting, you can make it beautifully memorable. Take the time to spoil yourself, bond with your family, prepare for your baby and take care of yourself.

Written by Jan de Lange


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